• SBBS.dynu.net

    From phil@80:90/774 to All on Fri Jun 18 19:20:09 2021

    SBBS.Dynu.net the best and one of the largest bbs system available running on Intel Core 9, 128 GB of memory and over 20 TB of free
    disk space. All accounts include access to our SMTP, Pop3, Imap, Telnet, SSH and HTTP. Lots of online games and we have over
    110,000 files in our download area

    Supporting Microsoft Amiga, Commodore 64/128, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, OS/2 and Unix.

    Service Ports:

    Web: sbbs.dynu.net:1085
    Telnet: sbbs.dynu.net 2025
    SSH: sbbs.dynu.net 2026
    SMTP sbbs.dynu.net 25
    POP3: sbbs.dynu.net 110
    NNTP Standard Port
    --- SBBSecho 3.12-Win32
    * Origin: ->Slate Hell BBS / msbgtn01.synchro.net / -> (80:90/774)