• Re: modernising amiga 600

    From Roc@80:505/18 to Mantrid on Tue Nov 2 11:39:07 2021
    1-furia: this looks amazing, I think
    I'd pair it with some slowram too in
    the trapdoor

    AIUI the trapdoor will give you an extra 1MB chip, for the maximum of 2MB,
    it won't give you SLOW. No SLOW on A600. It can give you an RTC, however.

    Furia's been around for a while, there's likely better now; I recommend investigating. I'm also out of touch with A600.

    The main problem with A600 is that clip-on-cpu expansions tend to be
    low reliability, and there's sadly no alternative.

    2-sd hard drive

    I hear MSATA to IDE adapters work great... unlike SD adapters or, the worst,
    CF adapters. Note that my only Amiga with hdd atm (A1200) has an actual 2.5" 120G HDD, so it really is only hearsay.

    3-rom switcher?

    If you've got FAST at all, I'd say to stay on kick37 and use skick.

    Oh, and get a serial null-modem cable if you don't have one. That way, you
    can use AmigaXfer (full disclosure: I wrote it) to move files and floppies around in the most reliable and convenient manner.

    (I'd prefer to use the actual floppies rather than downloaded roms

    Well done. Fuck neutering Amiga by removing the floppy drive, which is a popular crime these days.


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