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    From Spitfire@80:774/69 to Mike Powell on Tue Mar 23 08:20:53 2021
    .-: On Thu 4-Feb-2021 2:54p, Mike Powell@80:61/0.0 said to Spitfire :-.
    MP: > *cbReign .c3of .c9Fire .c7is moving as of .caApril 1st..c7 We will be MP: moving
    MP: > from Wisconsin to the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. The closer MP: we get
    MP: > to that date, the higher the chance the .cbR.c3o.c9F .c7boards won't
    MP: answer
    MP: > until I get them set back up in their new home.

    MP: Good luck with the move. I've not been to that area for several years but MP: it was always beautiful when I did visit.

    MP: Mike

    We are looking forward to it. We are now 1 week away from shutting down the RoF boards. I hope to have them back up on the new 10 gigs up and 10 gigs down fiberoptic internet that Chattanooga offers by April 4th.

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