• AmigaNet

    From Keyop to All on Sat Mar 20 20:59:51 2021
    Magnum BBS has joined AmigaNet!

    You may be wondering what AmigaNet is, and what it is about. Simply put, AmigaNet is a global FTN (Fidonet Technology Network) System of interlinked nodes, BBS's, and points around the world. It is dedicated to the support of the
    Amiga as a business as well as home computer. The idea is to provide support on all fronts to all Users and SysOps. This is done via the transmission of messages across the AmigaNet network. You don't have to own and use an AMIGA to support the platform!

    Echomail areas can be found in the [J] Jump to message area from the main menu, and the files section can be found in [T] Transfers.