• True Detective season 2

    From esc@21:4/173 to All on Fri Feb 24 23:06:29 2023
    Finally just watched True Detective season 2. If you watched season 1, you watched (IMO) the pinnacle of what a TV series should be. Season 2 has nothing to do with season 1, and I think that put a lot of people off. Season 2 was deemed a failure because it was always compared to season 1.

    After doing a full watch, I think the comparisons are a bit unfair. The themes explored in season 2 are quite a bit different. It's also significantly more complicated and a bit tough to follow. That said, once it started moving forward, it was a wild ride and I really enjoyed it.

    If you, like me, avoided season 2 because the well was poisoned by negative reactions, I suggest giving it a shot. It was pretty cool.

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