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    [Black Dog Video closing article....]
    "It's one of those last places you can come and just be a

    Thanks for sharing the article, Ogg. I know of a couple 'Black Dogs' that I miss, too... I'm sure we all do.

    Thanks as well for sharing. Used to live in Colorado Springs on the side of town which used to have a Blockbuster free standing store around the turn of the century. When I moved down the street from there again in 2013...the building was still standing...but empty. Next to it was a Safeway gas station...but driving by it all the time...remember when I used to head in that Blockbuster to rent some videos.

    Just like others...I just stream/"borrow for my video server"/check out from the library movies/TV shows. Kind of miss the days...but when I remember streaming 20+ years ago...amazes me how far we've come.

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