• Lost In Space

    From Datalus@21:4/120 to All on Thu Dec 2 15:51:14 2021
    Well fellow Lost in Space fan's I just watch all of the 4th season of
    Lost In Space. Here our my thought's and don't worry I wont give it
    away and ruein it for you.
    Lost in space was very well done, I could have not thought it would be
    this good it was exciting, Suspesefull and kept me on the edge of
    my chair. It was well played and well worth watching. I dont think
    anyone will be disappointed. The only thing I would do different is
    not make all the video avaiable at once, Me growing up with the
    orginal was intresting, I would watch 1 video a week which made me
    keep saying I can't wait for the next week!! Its to bad its over, Well
    not for me I have a habit of watching movies over and over again. I
    think I watched Independance Day at least 80 times. Oh well the
    adventure is still continuing for me With the Launch of 1 of my New
    bbs. Well its in the basic design right now but it will bring me
    closer to my New BBS. Here we go!
    Lost In Space BBS telnet:thelostinspace.com:2566
    Again its a plain version of Renegade v1.25 running on Windows 10 32
    bit at this moment with Metronet. If I can Get someone to make some
    Ans graphic and some Rip Graphic's It will be helpful. I'm no artist
    but I'm giving it a go maybe I can and maybe I can't But Anyone
    who wants to help with art I will of coarse Give all the credit to
    them and advertise the heck out of them and give them a hosted spot on
    my unlimated amount of sites hosting service with your own admin
    privilages!But there will be some limations in content, meaning no
    porn no politic's and some easy to get along with rules. Well thats my
    thoughts on the last season. So get watching it you wont be

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