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    Watched the first episode of Peter Jackson's epic "Get Back" Beatles
    feature. Beatles weren't my generation (my mom was a massive fan in the
    early day) but I have a fondness for parts of their mid to later work.
    Hard not to appreciate them.

    Seeing their creative process unfold in almost real-time was super
    fascinating, watching them write would what would become the "Let It Be"
    album released after their breakup.

    The entire experience so far (it will be 8 hours total - I've only
    watched EP1) sometimes seemed a bit aimless and meandering, but I couldn't
    stop watching it. Straight-up stoned Lennon's smile, Yoko screaching,
    the hangers-ons, Paul frantically trying to keep the music coming, George slowly simmering and disconnecting and Ringo... Ringo just watching it all unfold.

    Anyone else watch it?

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    On 27 Nov 2021 at 12:18p, aLPHA pondered and said...

    Anyone else watch it?

    Not yet but I plan to, thanks for the heads up as I sorta expected it to be that way.

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