• The Last Man on Earth

    From poindexter FORTRAN@21:4/122 to All on Tue May 21 08:40:00 2024
    I watched the first couple of seasons of "The Last Man on Earth", and
    faded out by the second season.

    I watched YouTube and saw a funny vignette.


    Kristen Wiig plays a well-to-do woman in a flashback, dealing with the outbreak. Seeing people wearing masks, rolling up the divider in her
    limo when the driver coughs, and being irritated that the house is a
    mess (because the housekeeper passed away)

    They plead at the TV "There's got to be a vaccine!... You mean to tell
    me the president doesn't have a vaccine?"

    Next is a cut of presidential funeral motorcades:

    Michael Richard Pence, the 46th president...
    President Paul Davis Ryan...
    President Rex Wayne Tillerson...
    President Steven Turner Mnuchin...
    President Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions...
    President Betsy DeVos...

    All of them were 61 years old, not sure if that's accurate.

    ... Pluto is the roman god of tax evasion.
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