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    Another old Aussie classic was the Microbee, a Z80 based system running CP/M. A friend had one in the 90s, and he had tweaked it to run at over 7 MHz. Only complaint was due to the plastic case, the Microbee generated a lot of RFI on HF. Otherwise it was a nice machine.

    My friend and I together ported a Morse program that I had written in Turbo Pascal 3 to the Microbee. This involved writing timing routines for the audio tone generation and delays in assembler, which was his domain. I ensured that the calling conventions were identical to the build in procedures that were in the DOS version, making the port very easy.

    I uploaded the ported version to the John Knox Amateur Radio BBS in Melbourne, and it was released to the public domain. Haven't been able to find a trace of it since, as the BBSs disappeared. Would like to have another copy for the retro enthusiasts. The ASM routines were documented, so others could tweak them for their specific machines.

    As for the DOS version, I may or may not have a copy kicking around here somewhere.

    And I just realised that I may have uploaded it to my BBS as well, which I have backups for, so looks like I'll have to look for those CDs and trawl through the file areas. :)

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