From aLPHA@21:4/158 to All on Sun Jan 9 16:15:14 2022
    Going back and watching some RETRO AHOY YouTube vids that I missed over
    the years, and checked out "POLYBUS - The Video Game That Doesn't Exist"
    last night.


    I'm sure a lot of folks have seen/heard of this urban legend, but I find
    it a fascinating piece of classic gaming and internet lore (not to
    mention a decade of alt.conspiracy chatter). There's been numerous other
    videos and podcasts around this as well.

    If you haven't heard of Polybius, heres the short version: in the fall of
    1981, a mysterious video game suddenly appeared in arcades around
    Portland. The game, a black box with no name that involved geometric
    patterns and colorful shapes was instantly addictive, hypnotic, and, in
    some cases, dangerous. Two teenagers supposedly disappeared after playing
    it. Mysterious men in black suits periodically came to service it. Was it
    a secret government research program using gamers as unwitting guinea
    pigs? Was it part of the CIAs MKUltra mind control program?


    Fun stuff!

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  • From Geri Atricks@21:4/102 to aLPHA on Sat Jan 22 12:15:14 2022
    Don't remember the game (probably because, according to the video, it was
    only up in the Oregon area and I was S Cali at that time) but also saw that video the other day and found it interesting.

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