• Anyone know how to use the monolith in SimEarth for DOS?

    From NightCat@21:4/141 to All on Sat Dec 16 11:42:03 2023
    I've been wanting to make a civilization of intelligent creatures since I saw LGR's video on the game. So I got the game running on DOSBOX, & it was going REALLY REALLY SLOW. AndI thought that perhaps I can plop down a monolith & speed up the evolution of things a bit, but for some reason I can't put it anywhere! And keep in mind I chose the sandbox mode of the game so I should have all the points in the world to use it, but aparently I just can't use the monolith & get an advanced race of animals that have learned to use tools.

    Does anyone know how I'm supposed to use it? I really need some help with this one.
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