• Galactic Dynasty

    From deon@21:2/116 to apam on Fri Dec 3 00:15:30 2021

    I finally got around to updating my GD tonight to 1.3.0.

    Somewhere along the lines I've lost the GAL-IBBS.CFG, but I copied my old one and updated the game ID.

    I was wondering 2 things:

    * If the hub receives a packet from me with the wrong game ID - can it send my node a command to auto update the game ID (and I guess run any maintenance)?

    * Along the same lines, I see in my log a message about "Unrecognised node ...", could my game send a message to the hub to get a fresh node list and auto update.

    These two would save me asking avon for it :)

    --- SBBSecho 3.14-Linux
    * Origin: I'm playing with ANSI+videotex - wanna play too? (21:2/116)