• Ameritrash and Eurogame

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    Heard these phrases in recent thread. What do they mean?


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    Just the way people refer to board game types -- usually having to do
    with mechanics. Also called "German Style" games. "Ameritrash" is used (sometimes negatively, but it's also used affectionately) instead of
    "American style" games.

    From BGG:

    Some people feel that the term "Ameritrash" is unnecessarily negative and prefer not to use it. Others feel that the reference to America is a
    problem because not all of these games are published in America.
    Suggested alternative terms include Amerigames, Amerigold, and
    Ameritreasure. To date none of these has gained traction. BoardGameGeek
    has recently created a category system for games, and named the category
    for these games "Thematic Games", argueably a more professional name for
    the category and less offensive to the game publishers themselves.


    Carcassonne is a good example of a common Eurogame, something like War of
    the Ring is an American one.

    From wikipedia!

    A Eurogame, also called a German-style board game, German game, or
    Euro-style game, is a class of tabletop games that generally has indirect player interaction and abstract physical components. Eurogames are
    sometimes contrasted with American-style board games, which generally
    involve more luck, conflict, and drama. They are usually less abstract
    than chess or Go, but more abstract than wargames. Likewise, they
    generally require more thought and planning than party games such as
    Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit.


    Games like Monopoly or Scrabbke or Apples to Apples are usually just
    thought of as "Mass Marmet" games and don't really fit into these

    Sory for the long reply :)

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    On 24 Nov 2021, aLPHA said the following...
    Sory for the long reply :)

    aLPHA, thanks for the info! While I'm not the one who asked, I was passingly curious. Your answer was fantastic, thank you for sharing.


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    Re: Ameritrash and Eurogame
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    Heard these phrases in recent thread. What do they mean?


    An Ameritrash is a overproduced game, with lots of figures, cardboard, and buckets of dice. Their other characteristic is that they are not-very strategic (even if they may have complex mechanics) and the focus is on having wild fun rolling dice in spades, moving miniatures on the board while making gutural sounds, and killing stuff left and right.

    An Eurogame is an underproduced game, which gives you a half a dozen wooden cubes and tells you to imagine they are knights, sheep, miners or whatever the game is about. They are usually very strategic, and the games areabout trying to make the most optional move while trying to prevent other players for doing their best optional move. The games are usually not very complex (mechanically) and confrontation is indirect - instead of invading somebody elseĊ› city, like in an Ameritrash, you snatch a cube (pardon, a wool shipment) before the other player can grab it.

    Games usually don't fall square within these carthegories, but these terms give a boot idea of what you can expect from the game.

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