• Spider-man 2 (PS5)

    From Ganiman@21:3/174 to All on Tue Aug 1 13:14:21 2023
    I'm pretty hyped for Spider-man 2 coming out in October. Anyone else?

    I really loved Spider-man (PS4) and Miles Morales. I had a whole lot of fun playing both of them. Even if Spider-man 2 isn't as good as the previous two games, I'm sure I'll still like it enough. I was on the fence about getting the collector's edition. I tried grabbing those PS5 plates/covers for Spider-man 2 but they sold out everywhere instantly. I had them in my cart more than once on different sites and was never able to check out - pretty dumb on Sony to just not make enough for demand and keep these as a limited item. I did manage to snag the Spider-man controller though, which if I had to pick one or the other I think the controller is the better item.

    Can't wait to see how the Venom suit plays and where the story goes.


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