• Is Dark Castle for MS-DOS any good?

    From NightCat@21:4/141 to All on Mon Jun 19 17:41:00 2023
    I've heard pretty much nothing about this version of the game. I've heard the Mac version is king, the console ports should not be touched by mortal men ESPECIALLY THE GENESIS & 3D0 PORTS, but nothing about the DOS version. Anyone haven any info? I imagine it's somewhat good to play because of an assumption of being compadible with the mouse, but IDK, I usually try to get decent games to play so I'm not wasting my time with stuff like the "mega man" games on there (which aren't even mega man, It was a reskin of some original IP a diffrent studio made & capcom gave the greenlight to make it into mega man but that's unrelated to the topic at hand.) Or some obscure garbage nobody remembers due to how bad it is.
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  • From ninja@21:1/137 to NightCat on Mon Jun 26 22:58:47 2023
    Regarding the specific game you mentioned, without further details, it's difficult to provide specific information about its quality or compatibility. However, it's worth noting that game ports across different platforms can vary in terms of quality and gameplay experience. The Mac version being highly regarded might indicate that it was optimized for that platform, while console ports might have had some issues or differences in gameplay.

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