• Planescape - the game setting

    From hollowone@21:2/150 to All on Thu May 4 12:55:10 2023
    I was always more standard fantasy when into D&D.
    The most abstract world/setting I played was Birthright.

    I acquired Planescape boxed set PDFs and started reading recently.
    I don't know.. maybe it needed 40+ y/o mind, but what was abstract to me then, finally seems to be resonable and understandable.

    especially when considered that the Rule of Three is not my problem as a player, but the core philosophical question of the world itself.

    In the past my biggest challenge with Planescape was to find some center I could hook players (I was mostly DM in my D&D time) into or to create some stable context for a story.

    Sigil always was best candidate, yet too big and complicated as a starting point for inexperienced group.

    I feel liberated to understand that there is no center and there needs to be none!


    ... Xerox Alto was the thing. Anything after we use is just a mere copy.

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