• Digiloi & Mayhem in MonsterLand

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    Figured this is a great one to post about. Has anyone ever checked out Digiloi?

    Written by Dr. TerrorZ, who is a C-64 PETSCII artist, demo creater, music creator and more. [Think MultiPaint 2o2o & CURRENT DemoScene entries... Dr. TZ is a rockstar!] Digiloi is a scrolling shooter thats heavy on the PETSCII graphics that, when combined with the C-64s speed and sound, just fits in perfectly!!

    As you play thru the levels, your avatar goes thru changes as you get stronger... just those sprites are enough to make you lust after Digiloi... the fact that it has decent replay value and is a bit challenging are all gravy. This is a MUST PLAY title!

    Another really killer title, that uses almost every C-64 coding trickery in the book and really pushes what a C-64 should be able to do is Mayhem in MonsterLand. I'm not versed in all the raster tricks, hardware bugs that allow developers to make more happen on screen or other coding tricks - but even an amateur can see and FEEL that Mayhem isn't your average C-64 title.

    It's like they took all the good stuff from different consoles flagship games and created their own fast scroller on ACiD! Aside from the ancient joystick - I might be hard pressed to guess that Mayhem was a C-64 game if I didn't know better... if you gave me a Genesis controller and told me to play, I might totally believe you that MonsterLand was 16bit and STILL awesome.

    And now a question.. I snuck in the 'Genesis controller' but... I heard that you CAN use a Genesis controller with a C-64/C-128. Does anyone KNOW if thats true? Or, do you have a favorite controller type that you think totally whips the llamas ass?

    Digiloi / Mayhem in MonsterLand -- Play em!

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