• The 2oFB Minetest server!

    From paulie420@21:2/150 to All on Sat May 11 23:14:24 2024
    So I wanted to advert this super awesome project that Warson has been working on... the 2oFB Minetest server; it. is. freaking. awesome. He's added several really cool Minetest mods that add extra tools, items and features to the game - and we have around 10 players currently building!!

    I've created some 'Paulie's' sections - the Tool Shed, the Mine, Virginia Island - that have items, farms, tools and gems to help new users get started... we have a /home command to teleport to your 'home' location - and the i3 inventory mod which allows you to set another teleport location...

    It's really coming along - if you want to relive your Minecraft youth, with other BBS users, I invite you to come checkout the 2oFB Minetest server!!!

    minetest.20ForBeers.com:30000 - just install Minetest and create an account... you can often find a few users online at the same time, and if you pop on over to 2oFB BBS theres a message area where we discuss EVERYTHING:

    2oFB Minetest Server
    Install Minetest and create an account...

    LET'S G00000000000!!


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