• Lode Runner Apple II Reverse Engineering

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    An interesting project that may be interesting to some here - a complete reverse engineering of Lode Runner for Apple II, with a writeup in the form of a 'literate document'. The below was posted on Mastodon.



    I don't think I posted this before... A while ago I reverse-engineered the game Lode Runner (1982) for the Apple ][. The result is a literate document, which is a document you run through a filter one way to get compilable code, and another way to get a PDF explaining how it all works.

    You can get the PDF and the rest here:

    From the README:

    Reverse engineering of Lode Runner for the Apple II series.

    main.pdf is the literate programming document for this project. This means the explanatory text is interspersed with source code. The source code can be extracted from the document and compiled.

    The goal is to provide all the source code necessary to reproduce a binary identical to the one found on the Internet Archive's Lode_Runner_1983_Broderbund_cr_Reset_Vector.do disk image.

    The assembly code is assembled using dasm.

    This document doesn't explain every last detail. It's assumed that the reader can find enough details on the 6502 processor and the Apple II series of computers to fill in the gaps.

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