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    Full Aminet mirror (>50GB of Amiga Files, Mods & Demos) freq'able! <=-
    -=> All 360+ Aminet directories available as fileechos <=- _____________________________________________________________________________

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.docs.misc http://mirror.amigaxess.de/aminet/docs/misc Description: Various documents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ShellInternals.lha 25k Amiga Shell internal workings (generic)

    ShellInternals.readme 1k Readme for ShellInternals - http://amin

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.game.role http://mirror.amigaxess.de/aminet/game/role Description: Role, adventure games ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TunnelsAndTrolls.lha 17927k Implementation of Tunnels & Trolls RPG
    (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.0) TunnelsAndTrolls.readme 1k Readme for TunnelsAndTrolls - http://am


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.gfx.conv http://mirror.amigaxess.de/aminet/gfx/conv Description: Gfx conversion tools ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ qoi.lha 208k Quite OK Image benchmark/converter (ppc
    -morphos; m68k-amigaos)
    qoi.readme 1k Readme for qoi - http://aminet.net/gfx/

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.misc.emu http://mirror.amigaxess.de/aminet/misc/emu Description: Emulations ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AmiArcadia.lha 4636k Signetics-based machines emulator (m68k
    -amigaos >= 3.5.0)
    AmiArcadia.readme 2k Readme for AmiArcadia - http://aminet.n
    et/misc/emu/AmiArcadia.readme AmiArcadiaMOS.lha 4929k Signetics-based machines emulator (ppc-
    AmiArcadiaMOS.readme 2k Readme for AmiArcadiaMOS - http://amine
    t.net/misc/emu/AmiArcadiaMOS.readme AmiArcadia_OS4.lha 4746k Signetics-based machines emulator (ppc-
    amigaos >= 4.0.0)
    AmiArcadia_OS4.readme 2k Readme for AmiArcadia_OS4 - http://amin
    et.net/misc/emu/AmiArcadia_OS4.readme AmiArcadia-OS4.readme 2k Readme for AmiArcadia-OS4 - http://amin
    et.net/misc/emu/AmiArcadia-OS4.readme AmiArcadia-OS4.lha 5175k Signetics-based machines emulator (ppc-
    amigaos >= 4.0.0)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.text.edit http://mirror.amigaxess.de/aminet/text/edit Description: Editors ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AGJustify.lha 11k ARexx script for formatting AmigaGuides
    AGJustify.readme 1k Readme for AGJustify - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/AGJustify.readme CEDRexx.readme 1k Readme for CEDRexx - http://aminet.net/
    ANSIEd.readme 1k Readme for ANSIEd - http://aminet.net/t
    CED_ED_V4a.readme 1k Readme for CED_ED_V4a - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/CED_ED_V4a.readme CED_HTML.lha 73k AREXX scripts for CygnusED v4.2 (generi
    ANSIMaster.readme 1k Readme for ANSIMaster - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/ANSIMaster.readme CED_HTML.readme 1k Readme for CED_HTML - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/CED_HTML.readme ARx_Help1_0.lha 9k TTX help-key macro for ARexxGuide (gene
    CEDispell_v1.3.lha 2k An ARexx interface for ispell/CED (gene
    ARx_Help1_0.readme 5k Readme for ARx_Help1_0 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/ARx_Help1_0.readme CatEdit_Spa.readme 1k Readme for CatEdit_Spa - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/CatEdit_Spa.readme CEDispell_v1.3.readme 1k Readme for CEDispell_v1.3 - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/CEDispell_v1.3.readme ATP-OS39patch.readme 1k Readme for ATP-OS39patch - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/ATP-OS39patch.readme CygnusEd_5_SP.lha 21k Spanish catalogs for CygnusEd Pro 5.6 (
    CygnusEd_5_SP.readme 4k Readme for CygnusEd_5_SP - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/CygnusEd_5_SP.readme AZ154.readme 1k Readme for AZ154 - http://aminet.net/te
    CatEdit_Spa.lha 2k CatEdit Catalog en Espa ol (generic) CatManGED.lha 10k Essential download for all translators
    AmiElvis-1.5.readme 4k Readme for AmiElvis-1.5 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/AmiElvis-1.5.readme CatManGED.readme 1k Readme for CatManGED - http://aminet.ne
    Ced35fr.lha 9k French catalog for Cygnus ED V3.50 (gen
    AmiReplace.readme 3k Readme for AmiReplace - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/AmiReplace.readme Ced35fr.readme 1k Readme for Ced35fr - http://aminet.net/
    Ced4_Fin.lha 11k Finnish catalogs for CygnusEd V4 (gener
    AmigaE-Syntax.readme 1k Readme for AmigaE-Syntax - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/AmigaE-Syntax.readme Ced4_Fin.readme 1k Readme for Ced4_Fin - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/Ced4_Fin.readme AmigaTEd48.readme 1k Readme for AmigaTEd48 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/AmigaTEd48.readme CedASIF.readme 1k Readme for CedASIF - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/CedASIF.readme Amiga_ne-1.0.lha 308k A full screen editor running in any CLI
    . (m68k-amigaos)
    Amiga_ne-1.0.readme 1k Readme for Amiga_ne-1.0 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/Amiga_ne-1.0.readme DIEd.readme 1k Readme for DIEd - http://aminet.net/tex
    CedBar.readme 1k Readme for CedBar - http://aminet.net/t
    AmisED.readme 1k Readme for AmisED - http://aminet.net/t
    Amis_HuntDoc.lha 4k Online AutoDocs-help with AmisED (m68k-
    CedFix.readme 1k Readme for CedFix - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/CedFix.readme Amis_HuntDoc.readme 1k Readme for Amis_HuntDoc - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/Amis_HuntDoc.readme Chartable.readme 1k Readme for Chartable - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/Chartable.readme Amitex_4.04.readme 2k Readme for Amitex_4.04 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Amitex_4.04.readme ChineseIME.lha 214k A Chinese IME solution to input Chinese
    texts (m68k-amigaos)
    ChineseIME.readme 1k Readme for ChineseIME - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/ChineseIME.readme Amitex_5.00.readme 4k Readme for Amitex_5.00 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Amitex_5.00.readme CompareTextCED.lha 8k Compares two textfiles with CygnusEd (g
    AmokEd.readme 1k Readme for AmokEd - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/AmokEd.readme CubicIDE_HW53.readme 1k Readme for CubicIDE_HW53 - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/CubicIDE_HW53.readme Annotate.readme 1k Readme for Annotate - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/Annotate.readme CompareTextCED.readme 2k Readme for CompareTextCED - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/CompareTextCED.readme Annotate_src.lha 387k Text Editor with adv. features (source)
    Annotate_src.readme 1k Readme for Annotate_src - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/Annotate_src.readme CygnusED42Fr.lha 36k French catalog for CygnusEd 4.2 (V1.0)
    CygnusED42Fr.readme 1k Readme for CygnusED42Fr - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/CygnusED42Fr.readme Annotate_usr.readme 15k Readme for Annotate_usr - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/Annotate_usr.readme CygnusED_5_FR.lha 29k French catalogs for CygnusEd Pro 5.x. (
    CEDPGP.readme 2k Readme for CEDPGP - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/CEDPGP.readme AsciiCreator_s.readme 1k Readme for AsciiCreator_s - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/AsciiCreator_s.readme Diary11.readme 1k Readme for Diary11 - http://aminet.net/
    Avi.readme 1k Readme for Avi - http://aminet.net/text
    DicDemo101.readme 1k Readme for DicDemo101 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/DicDemo101.readme BAH.readme 1k Readme for BAH - http://aminet.net/text
    CygnusED_5_FR.readme 1k Readme for CygnusED_5_FR - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/CygnusED_5_FR.readme BED102_CZ.lha 16k Czech catalog for Blacks Editor V1.02 (
    CygnusEd42Dut.lha 9k Dutch catalog CygnusEd 4.2 (generic) BED102_CZ.readme 1k Readme for BED102_CZ - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/BED102_CZ.readme CygnusEd42Dut.readme 1k Readme for CygnusEd42Dut - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/CygnusEd42Dut.readme BED10PLDoc.lha 7k Polish documentation for Blacks Editor
    CygnusEdFR1.0.lha 9k French catalog for CygnusEd 3.5 (V1.0)
    BED10PLDoc.readme 1k Readme for BED10PLDoc - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/BED10PLDoc.readme CygnusEdFR1.0.readme 1k Readme for CygnusEdFR1.0 - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/CygnusEdFR1.0.readme BED_German.lzh 12k German localization for Blacks Editor.
    V1.05 (generic)
    CygnusEd_4_DE.lha 10k New German catalog for CygnusEd V4/5 (g
    BED_German.readme 1k Readme for BED_German - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/BED_German.readme DmeMacros.readme 1k Readme for DmeMacros - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/DmeMacros.readme BareED.readme 2k Readme for BareED - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/BareED.readme BedUpg_Pack1.readme 1k Readme for BedUpg_Pack1 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/BedUpg_Pack1.readme CygnusEd_4_DE.readme 1k Readme for CygnusEd_4_DE - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/CygnusEd_4_DE.readme CygnusEd_4_SP.lha 12k Spanish catalogs for CygnusEd Pro 4.20
    BlacksEditor.readme 2k Readme for BlacksEditor - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/BlacksEditor.readme CygnusEd_4_SP.readme 1k Readme for CygnusEd_4_SP - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/CygnusEd_4_SP.readme CED-Programs.lha 5k Six useful ARexx programs for CED (gene
    CygnusEd_4_Upd.readme 6k Readme for CygnusEd_4_Upd - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/CygnusEd_4_Upd.readme CED-Programs.readme 1k Readme for CED-Programs - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/CED-Programs.readme DoEdge.readme 1k Readme for DoEdge - http://aminet.net/t
    CEDPGP.lha 25k PGPAmiga2.6ui ARexx scripts bugfixed ve
    rsions. (generic)
    CEDRexx.lha 8k 4 Useful CygnusED3.5 Scripts. (generic)

    ED-Menu.lha 12k Menu for ED incl. Installer only German
    GedScanner.lha 1k Adocs (MUI Adoc compatible), Header fil
    es (m68k-amigaos) simpleeditor.i386-aros.read* 1k Readme for simpleeditor.i386-aros - htt

    Documentum2_Demo.readme 1k Readme for Documentum2_Demo - http://am

    GedScanner.readme 1k Readme for GedScanner - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/GedScanner.readme ED-Menu.readme 1k Readme for ED-Menu - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/ED-Menu.readme MicroEMACS.readme 1k Readme for MicroEMACS - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/MicroEMACS.readme EDRC.readme 1k Readme for EDRC - http://aminet.net/tex
    MiniHex.readme 1k Readme for MiniHex - http://aminet.net/
    EMinied.readme 1k Readme for EMinied - http://aminet.net/
    Geditor.readme 1k Readme for Geditor - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/Geditor.readme Ed-iSpell-Ment.lha 7k ISpell&Mentat scripts for old ADos Ed (
    Ed-iSpell-Ment.readme 1k Readme for Ed-iSpell-Ment - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/Ed-iSpell-Ment.readme GoToLblCED.lha 4k List and go to labels in CygnusEd (gene
    Ed200Menu.lha 4k English&German menus 4 C='s Ed2.00v37.1
    1 (generic)
    GoToLblCED.readme 4k Readme for GoToLblCED - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/GoToLblCED.readme Ed200Menu.readme 1k Readme for Ed200Menu - http://aminet.ne
    MyGold.lha 1k Some handy shortcuts for GoldED (generi
    EdPatch.readme 1k Readme for EdPatch - http://aminet.net/
    GoldDock.readme 1k Readme for GoldDock - http://aminet.net
    GoldEDPL.lha 5k GoldED - PL version by WFMH LocalePL (g
    EdSpellV1.0.readme 1k Readme for EdSpellV1.0 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/EdSpellV1.0.readme GoldEDPL.readme 1k Readme for GoldEDPL - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/GoldEDPL.readme GoldSpeak10.lha 42k Fun language converter for GoldED 3.0x+
    EdWordV6.0.1.readme 1k Readme for EdWordV6.0.1 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/EdWordV6.0.1.readme MyGold.readme 1k Readme for MyGold - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/MyGold.readme GoldSpeak10.readme 1k Readme for GoldSpeak10 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/GoldSpeak10.readme Eddy_v20.readme 1k Readme for Eddy_v20 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/Eddy_v20.readme EditCEDFile.lha 5k An commandline interface for CED (m68k-
    HBasic_Golded.readme 1k Readme for HBasic_Golded - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/HBasic_Golded.readme EditCEDFile.readme 1k Readme for EditCEDFile - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/EditCEDFile.readme InSpace10.readme 1k Readme for InSpace10 - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/InSpace10.readme EmacsFileReq.readme 1k Readme for EmacsFileReq - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/EmacsFileReq.readme GedInstaller.readme 1k Readme for GedInstaller - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/GedInstaller.readme EmacsQuickStrt.readme 1k Readme for EmacsQuickStrt - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/EmacsQuickStrt.readme InspireDemo14.readme 1k Readme for InspireDemo14 - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/InspireDemo14.readme EmacsStarter.readme 1k Readme for EmacsStarter - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/EmacsStarter.readme MyNotes.lha 30k A simple MUI based QuickNote clone (m68
    MyNotes.readme 3k Readme for MyNotes - http://aminet.net/
    Felix.readme 1k Readme for Felix - http://aminet.net/te
    Jade-3.2.m1.readme 1k Readme for Jade-3.2.m1 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Jade-3.2.m1.readme Figlet.ged.readme 1k Readme for Figlet.ged - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/Figlet.ged.readme JanoEditor.readme 1k Readme for JanoEditor - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/JanoEditor.readme Finalword2.readme 1k Readme for Finalword2 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/Finalword2.readme JanoEditor_MOS.readme 1k Readme for JanoEditor_MOS - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/JanoEditor_MOS.readme FreeED.readme 1k Readme for FreeED - http://aminet.net/t
    Jed.readme 1k Readme for Jed - http://aminet.net/text
    FrexxEd_V2A.readme 2k Readme for FrexxEd_V2A - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/FrexxEd_V2A.readme JumpED.readme 1k Readme for JumpED - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/JumpED.readme FrexxEd_V2B.readme 2k Readme for FrexxEd_V2B - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/FrexxEd_V2B.readme Latex-editor.lha 14k Simple editor for Latex (for beginners)
    (m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
    FrexxEd_src.lha 1170k FrexxEd v2 - the real thing - source (g
    Latex-editor.readme 1k Readme for Latex-editor - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/Latex-editor.readme FrexxEd_src.readme 3k Readme for FrexxEd_src - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/FrexxEd_src.readme Lemacs.readme 1k Readme for Lemacs - http://aminet.net/t
    FrexxShell.readme 3k Readme for FrexxShell - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/FrexxShell.readme Luminus10.readme 1k Readme for Luminus10 - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/Luminus10.readme GED-PhrCmp1.4.readme 2k Readme for GED-PhrCmp1.4 - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/GED-PhrCmp1.4.readme NCEd_V211.readme 1k Readme for NCEd_V211 - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/NCEd_V211.readme GED4_TeX.lha 36k GoldED4 - LaTeX+Texinfo syntax parser/s
    canner (m68k-amigaos)
    MCEd-1.2.lha 15k 8 CygnusEd scripts for all users (gener
    GED4_TeX.readme 1k Readme for GED4_TeX - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/GED4_TeX.readme MCEd-1.2.readme 1k Readme for MCEd-1.2 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/MCEd-1.2.readme GEDMake.readme 1k Readme for GEDMake - http://aminet.net/
    MFRinCED35.lha 19k Arexx-script for using MFR in CED 3.5 (
    MFRinCED35.readme 1k Readme for MFRinCED35 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/MFRinCED35.readme GED_AsciiReg.readme 1k Readme for GED_AsciiReg - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/GED_AsciiReg.readme Magazine.lha 155k Make cool OS-friendly disk-mags (v2.2)
    Magazine.readme 1k Readme for Magazine - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/Magazine.readme GED_Hexedit.readme 1k Readme for GED_Hexedit - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/GED_Hexedit.readme MegaED12.readme 1k Readme for MegaED12 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/MegaED12.readme GED_Syntaxers.readme 1k Readme for GED_Syntaxers - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/GED_Syntaxers.readme Mg1b.readme 1k Readme for Mg1b - http://aminet.net/tex
    GedEiffel.readme 1k Readme for GedEiffel - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/GedEiffel.readme Na_asciicreato.readme 1k Readme for Na_asciicreato - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/Na_asciicreato.readme NewDefine.lha 1k New #define scanner for GED 4 (V1.0) (m
    NewDefine.readme 1k Readme for NewDefine - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/NewDefine.readme OrigamiBind_92.readme 5k Readme for OrigamiBind_92 - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/OrigamiBind_92.readme Origami_1_6_92.readme 5k Readme for Origami_1_6_92 - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/Origami_1_6_92.readme PED-PhrCmp.readme 2k Readme for PED-PhrCmp - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/PED-PhrCmp.readme PED.readme 1k Readme for PED - http://aminet.net/text
    PGPGEd_E.lha 18k Use PGP from within GoldEd (English & G
    erman) (generic)
    PGPGEd_E.readme 1k Readme for PGPGEd_E - http://aminet.net
    PGP_GED.lha 19k Use PGP with GoldED4 (generic) PGP_GED.readme 1k Readme for PGP_GED - http://aminet.net/
    Pemacs.readme 1k Readme for Pemacs - http://aminet.net/t
    PlusEd21.readme 1k Readme for PlusEd21 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/PlusEd21.readme QEDV2Demo.readme 3k Readme for QEDV2Demo - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/QEDV2Demo.readme QuickNote.readme 1k Readme for QuickNote - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/QuickNote.readme QuickSketch.readme 3k Readme for QuickSketch - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/QuickSketch.readme QuillDemo.readme 1k Readme for QuillDemo - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/QuillDemo.readme RIPGRF60.readme 1k Readme for RIPGRF60 - http://aminet.net
    ROTOHI.readme 1k Readme for ROTOHI - http://aminet.net/t
    ReadRefs.readme 1k Readme for ReadRefs - http://aminet.net
    Redit.readme 11k Readme for Redit - http://aminet.net/te
    Redit_src.lha 86k Sourcecode of Redit (generic) Redit_src.readme 1k Readme for Redit_src - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/Redit_src.readme SASC_GoldED_11.readme 1k Readme for SASC_GoldED_11 - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/SASC_GoldED_11.readme SCED3_5b.readme 1k Readme for SCED3_5b - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/SCED3_5b.readme Scriba_1.9.9.readme 10k Readme for Scriba_1.9.9 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/Scriba_1.9.9.readme Shed.readme 1k Readme for Shed - http://aminet.net/tex
    SkoEd116.readme 2k Readme for SkoEd116 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/SkoEd116.readme Skriptmanagr20.readme 2k Readme for Skriptmanagr20 - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/Skriptmanagr20.readme Slarti_Arosx86ABIv0.readme 1k Readme for Slarti_Arosx86ABIv0 - http:/

    Slarti_MOS.readme 1k Readme for Slarti_MOS - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/Slarti_MOS.readme Slarti_OS4.readme 1k Readme for Slarti_OS4 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/Slarti_OS4.readme SltChr.readme 1k Readme for SltChr - http://aminet.net/t
    Smartindent.lha 81k GoldED4 online code indention V37.6 (m6
    Smartindent.readme 5k Readme for Smartindent - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Smartindent.readme Spanish_Cygnus.lha 8k *NO* official Spanish translation for C
    ygnus Ed 4.15 (generic) Spanish_Cygnus.readme 1k Readme for Spanish_Cygnus - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/Spanish_Cygnus.readme Spreedy_1.0.readme 1k Readme for Spreedy_1.0 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Spreedy_1.0.readme Src2GEDProj.lha 1k GED macro: puts src files into Proj lis
    t (generic)
    Src2GEDProj.readme 1k Readme for Src2GEDProj - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Src2GEDProj.readme Stevie.lha 142k PD clone of the UNIX "vi" editor. V3.7a
    Stevie.readme 1k Readme for Stevie - http://aminet.net/t
    THE.lha 1577k The Hessling Editor, a free XEDIT clone
    THE.readme 1k Readme for THE - http://aminet.net/text
    THE_MOS.lha 1441k The Hessling Editor, a free XEDIT clone
    THE_MOS.readme 1k Readme for THE_MOS - http://aminet.net/
    TIGEr.lha 54k TeX scripts for GoldED (generic) TIGEr.readme 1k Readme for TIGEr - http://aminet.net/te
    xt/edit/TIGEr.readme TJMDME_BUGFREE.readme 1k Readme for TJMDME_BUGFREE - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/TJMDME_BUGFREE.readme TKEd.readme 1k Readme for TKEd - http://aminet.net/tex
    TTX-TopScreen.readme 1k Readme for TTX-TopScreen - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/TTX-TopScreen.readme TabRen.readme 1k Readme for TabRen - http://aminet.net/t
    TeX.trans.readme 1k Readme for TeX.trans - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/TeX.trans.readme TeXtminator.readme 1k Readme for TeXtminator - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/TeXtminator.readme TeXtminatorOS4.readme 2k Readme for TeXtminatorOS4 - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/TeXtminatorOS4.readme TextEngine.lha 144k Word processor with spelling checker (m
    68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4)
    TextEngine.readme 1k Readme for TextEngine - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/TextEngine.readme Textloader.readme 2k Readme for Textloader - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/Textloader.readme Textra16.readme 1k Readme for Textra16 - http://aminet.net
    Tropica.lha 73k GoldED 3.X-prefs with new GERMAN menute
    xts (generic)
    Tropica.readme 1k Readme for Tropica - http://aminet.net/
    TrueED.readme 1k Readme for TrueED - http://aminet.net/t
    TuiTED.readme 15k Readme for TuiTED - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/TuiTED.readme TurboText20.readme 4k Readme for TurboText20 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/TurboText20.readme TurboTextScrip.lha 5k Two scripts for TurboText/SAS-C V6 (gen
    TurboTextScrip.readme 1k Readme for TurboTextScrip - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/TurboTextScrip.readme Uedit-Stuff.readme 1k Readme for Uedit-Stuff - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Uedit-Stuff.readme Uedit4k2.readme 24k Readme for Uedit4k2 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/Uedit4k2.readme UeditUpdate.readme 1k Readme for UeditUpdate - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/UeditUpdate.readme VIM_8.0.363-src.lha 17135k Vim - The ubiquitous text editor (src)
    VIM_8.0.363-src.readme 1k Readme for VIM_8.0.363-src - http://ami

    Vim_8.0-mos.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.0-mos - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Vim_8.0-mos.readme Vim_8.0-src.lha 14292k The ubiquitous text editor (source) (ge
    Vim_8.0-src.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.0-src - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Vim_8.0-src.readme WarmAndFuzzy31.readme 1k Readme for WarmAndFuzzy31 - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/WarmAndFuzzy31.readme WordCount-CED.lha 1k CED: Fast line/word/character counting
    WordCount-CED.readme 1k Readme for WordCount-CED - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/WordCount-CED.readme WordWright.readme 1k Readme for WordWright - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/WordWright.readme XDME-PPC.readme 1k Readme for XDME-PPC - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/XDME-PPC.readme XDME_1.84_bin.readme 1k Readme for XDME_1.84_bin - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/XDME_1.84_bin.readme XDME_1.84_src.lha 453k Sources for XDME_1.84_bin (generic) XDME_1.84_src.readme 1k Readme for XDME_1.84_src - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/XDME_1.84_src.readme XES.readme 3k Readme for XES - http://aminet.net/text
    a2.0bEmacs-bin.readme 6k Readme for a2.0bEmacs-bin - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/a2.0bEmacs-bin.readme a2.0bEmacs-src.readme 6k Readme for a2.0bEmacs-src - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/a2.0bEmacs-src.readme aed_eng.readme 2k Readme for aed_eng - http://aminet.net/
    amitex.readme 4k Readme for amitex - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/amitex.readme annotate_lua_syntax.readme 1k Readme for annotate_lua_syntax - http:/

    annotate_lua_syntax.zip 6k Description: LUA syntax for Annotate (g
    anotice_pl.lha 5k ANotice 2 - polish locale (generic) anotice_pl.readme 1k Readme for anotice_pl - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/anotice_pl.readme anotice_textures.lha 1315k Textures for ANotice v2 (generic) anotice_textures.readme 1k Readme for anotice_textures - http://am

    aux-emacs.readme 2k Readme for aux-emacs - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/aux-emacs.readme azur_demo.readme 1k Readme for azur_demo - http://aminet.ne
    ced-GR.lha 21k Greek catalog file for CED 3.5 (generic
    ced-GR.readme 1k Readme for ced-GR - http://aminet.net/t
    ced2xen.readme 1k Readme for ced2xen - http://aminet.net/
    ced35it3.lha 23k Italian catalog for CygnusEd 3.5 (gener
    ced35it3.readme 1k Readme for ced35it3 - http://aminet.net
    ced_l10n.lha 1k Localization patch for CygnusEd (generi
    ced_l10n.readme 1k Readme for ced_l10n - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/ced_l10n.readme cedpatch10.readme 1k Readme for cedpatch10 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/cedpatch10.readme diane_2.lha 38k ASCII image editor (m68k-amigaos) diane_2.readme 1k Readme for diane_2 - http://aminet.net/
    dlm.readme 1k Readme for dlm - http://aminet.net/text
    dme.readme 1k Readme for dme - http://aminet.net/text
    ed.i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for ed.i386-aros - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ed.i386-aros.readme editwind.readme 1k Readme for editwind - http://aminet.net
    edt.readme 1k Readme for edt - http://aminet.net/text
    edt10.readme 1k Readme for edt10 - http://aminet.net/te
    edt10src.lha 411k Oberon-2 sourcecode of a powerful text
    editor. (generic)
    edt10src.readme 1k Readme for edt10src - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/edt10src.readme edwardprofull.readme 1k Readme for edwardprofull - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/edwardprofull.readme elvis.lha 433k A UNIX vi/ex editor clone v1.5 (m68k-am
    elvis.readme 1k Readme for elvis - http://aminet.net/te
    em1934bin.readme 13k Readme for em1934bin - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/em1934bin.readme em1934dif.readme 15k Readme for em1934dif - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/em1934dif.readme em1934i0.readme 15k Readme for em1934i0 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/em1934i0.readme em1934i1.readme 15k Readme for em1934i1 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/em1934i1.readme em1934i3.readme 15k Readme for em1934i3 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/em1934i3.readme em1934src.readme 13k Readme for em1934src - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/em1934src.readme em203bin.readme 13k Readme for em203bin - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/em203bin.readme em203dif.readme 15k Readme for em203dif - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/em203dif.readme em203i0.readme 15k Readme for em203i0 - http://aminet.net/
    em203i1.readme 15k Readme for em203i1 - http://aminet.net/
    em203i3.readme 15k Readme for em203i3 - http://aminet.net/
    em203src.readme 13k Readme for em203src - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/em203src.readme emacs-18.59bin.readme 1k Readme for emacs-18.59bin - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/emacs-18.59bin.readme emacs-18.59src.readme 1k Readme for emacs-18.59src - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/emacs-18.59src.readme emacs-client.lha 1k Client for GNU Emacs, written in ARexx
    emacs-client.readme 1k Readme for emacs-client - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/emacs-client.readme emacs18to19.lha 37k Emacs v19 keybindings, functions for v1
    8 (generic)
    emacs18to19.readme 1k Readme for emacs18to19 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/emacs18to19.readme emacs_1858_gui.lha 718k Supporting Docs for emacs in amigaguide
    format. (generic)
    emacs_1858_gui.readme 1k Readme for emacs_1858_gui - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/emacs_1858_gui.readme envSOF21.readme 1k Readme for envSOF21 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/envSOF21.readme envWRD44_itali.readme 1k Readme for envWRD44_itali - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/envWRD44_itali.readme envWRD_ital.readme 1k Readme for envWRD_ital - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/envWRD_ital.readme gad4ged4.lha 58k Toolbar-images for GoldEd 4.x (generic)

    gad4ged4.readme 1k Readme for gad4ged4 - http://aminet.net
    ged-rpl.lha 2k Use GoldEd with Real3d RPL (generic) ged-rpl.readme 1k Readme for ged-rpl - http://aminet.net/
    ged1_3.readme 1k Readme for ged1_3 - http://aminet.net/t
    ged_e-s2.readme 1k Readme for ged_e-s2 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/ged_e-s2.readme ged_seq.readme 1k Readme for ged_seq - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/ged_seq.readme gedcobol_2.readme 1k Readme for gedcobol_2 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/gedcobol_2.readme gnu-sed.readme 1k Readme for gnu-sed - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/gnu-sed.readme gnuemacs-dev.readme 1k Readme for gnuemacs-dev - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/gnuemacs-dev.readme guidecheck.readme 1k Readme for guidecheck - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/guidecheck.readme guideformat.readme 1k Readme for guideformat - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/guideformat.readme html-php.readme 2k Readme for html-php - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/html-php.readme html2wiki-mos.readme 2k Readme for html2wiki-mos - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/html2wiki-mos.readme htmlaccents.lha 1k CygnusEd 4.2x: convert accents to HTML
    htmlaccents.readme 1k Readme for htmlaccents - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/htmlaccents.readme htmledit98.readme 1k Readme for htmledit98 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/htmledit98.readme hypansi_v108.readme 1k Readme for hypansi_v108 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/hypansi_v108.readme iffed_v1.01.readme 1k Readme for iffed_v1.01 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/iffed_v1.01.readme jade-3.2-amiga.readme 1k Readme for jade-3.2-amiga - http://amin
    et.net/text/edit/jade-3.2-amiga.readme jade-3.2.lha 698k Source for jade-3.2-amiga.lha (generic)

    jade-3.2.readme 1k Readme for jade-3.2 - http://aminet.net
    jiwa_wp.lha 40k JIWA WP [Japanese WP Preview] (m68k-ami
    jiwa_wp.readme 1k Readme for jiwa_wp - http://aminet.net/
    jiwapro.lha 580k Japanese Text Editor [Complete Archive]
    jiwapro.readme 1k Readme for jiwapro - http://aminet.net/
    juffed.readme 1k Readme for juffed - http://aminet.net/t
    kansi10.lha 229k "Beta" version of a great new ANSI edit
    or (m68k-amigaos)
    kansi10.readme 1k Readme for kansi10 - http://aminet.net/
    kezaco2.lha 305k A Japanese text editor (m68k-amigaos) kezaco2.readme 1k Readme for kezaco2 - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/kezaco2.readme ladraw-1.0.readme 1k Readme for ladraw-1.0 - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/ladraw-1.0.readme microgolded.lha 540k Simple but powerful editor. 30-day tria
    l for June 2004 (m68k-amigaos) microgolded.readme 1k Readme for microgolded - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/microgolded.readme minied.lha 173k An Editor with HTML-support (German nec
    essary) (m68k-amigaos)
    minied.readme 1k Readme for minied - http://aminet.net/t
    ext/edit/minied.readme nano-2.2.6.i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for nano-2.2.6.i386-aros - http:

    nano_231_68k.readme 1k Readme for nano_231_68k - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/nano_231_68k.readme nano_232_68k.readme 1k Readme for nano_232_68k - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/nano_232_68k.readme nano_234_68k.readme 1k Readme for nano_234_68k - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/nano_234_68k.readme nowined.lha 3777k TextEditor multipage (MDI) (ppc-amigaos
    >= 4.0.0; m68k-amigaos >= 3.1.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.2; i386-aros)
    nowined.readme 8k Readme for nowined - http://aminet.net/
    nowinedsrc.lha 1310k TextEditor multipage (MDI) (sources) (g
    nowinedsrc.readme 1k Readme for nowinedsrc - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/nowinedsrc.readme p-writer.readme 1k Readme for p-writer - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/p-writer.readme ped2_fix.readme 1k Readme for ped2_fix - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/ped2_fix.readme ped_svenska.lha 23k PolyEd V2.29 Localization for Swedish L
    anguage (generic)
    ped_svenska.readme 1k Readme for ped_svenska - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/ped_svenska.readme polyed2.readme 1k Readme for polyed2 - http://aminet.net/
    predoc.readme 1k Readme for predoc - http://aminet.net/t
    proged24.readme 2k Readme for proged24 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/proged24.readme replacer.i386.readme 1k Readme for replacer.i386 - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/replacer.i386.readme reqimdb.lha 3k GoldED 4 script to request imdb diffs (
    reqimdb.readme 3k Readme for reqimdb - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/reqimdb.readme rexx-mode1_1.readme 1k Readme for rexx-mode1_1 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/rexx-mode1_1.readme sdoc.lha 13k Reference database manager in elisp. (g
    sdoc.readme 1k Readme for sdoc - http://aminet.net/tex
    t/edit/sdoc.readme sed-4.1.4-bin_os4.readme 1k Readme for sed-4.1.4-bin_os4 - http://a

    sed-4.1.4-diff_os4.lha 1k The GNU sed stream editor (generic) sed-4.1.4-diff_os4.readme 1k Readme for sed-4.1.4-diff_os4 - http://

    sed-4.1.4-src_os4.lha 1041k The GNU sed stream editor (generic) sed-4.1.4-src_os4.readme 1k Readme for sed-4.1.4-src_os4 - http://a

    sed.i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for sed.i386-aros - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/sed.i386-aros.readme sed.readme 1k Readme for sed - http://aminet.net/text
    shed_68k.readme 1k Readme for shed_68k - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/shed_68k.readme simpleeditor-i386.readme 1k Readme for simpleeditor-i386 - http://a

    simpleeditor-ppc-aros.readm* 1k Readme for simpleeditor-ppc-aros - http

    vim.i386-aros.src.readme 1k Readme for vim.i386-aros.src - http://a

    simpleeditor.i386.readme 1k Readme for simpleeditor.i386 - http://a

    vocaboe.readme 1k Readme for vocaboe - http://aminet.net/
    skm30.readme 1k Readme for skm30 - http://aminet.net/te
    wordpad16.readme 1k Readme for wordpad16 - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/wordpad16.readme spelldoc.lha 5k Interface for CED and ISpell (generic) spelldoc.readme 1k Readme for spelldoc - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/spelldoc.readme vim30src.readme 1k Readme for vim30src - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/vim30src.readme starter1.readme 1k Readme for starter1 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/starter1.readme vim53big.readme 1k Readme for vim53big - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/vim53big.readme tecoc-146.readme 1k Readme for tecoc-146 - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/tecoc-146.readme vim53bin.readme 1k Readme for vim53bin - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/vim53bin.readme tex_scripts.lha 8k Scripts for TeX and the Edge text edito
    r (generic)
    tex_scripts.readme 1k Readme for tex_scripts - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/tex_scripts.readme vim53rt.readme 1k Readme for vim53rt - http://aminet.net/
    vim53src.lha 891k Vim, Vi IMproved, text editor, sources
    textutils-1.4.readme 1k Readme for textutils-1.4 - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/textutils-1.4.readme write_4.144.readme 7k Readme for write_4.144 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/write_4.144.readme tifg4_V2.lha 30k Toolbar images for GoldEd 4 (generic) vim53src.readme 1k Readme for vim53src - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/vim53src.readme tifg4_V2.readme 3k Readme for tifg4_V2 - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/tifg4_V2.readme tspellit.readme 3k Readme for tspellit - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/tspellit.readme vim60bin.readme 1k Readme for vim60bin - http://aminet.net
    ttx2_sasc.lha 17k SAS/C++ macros left out of TTX 2.0 (gen
    vim60html.lha 1466k VIM 6.0 Html documentation (generic) ttx2_sasc.readme 1k Readme for ttx2_sasc - http://aminet.ne
    xvi.readme 3k Readme for xvi - http://aminet.net/text
    vim60html.readme 1k Readme for vim60html - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/vim60html.readme ttxdemo.readme 1k Readme for ttxdemo - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/ttxdemo.readme twGED_scanner.lha 22k GED 4 scanners for C,Modula,Pascal,ARex
    x,SQL (m68k-amigaos)
    vim60rt.readme 1k Readme for vim60rt - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/vim60rt.readme twGED_scanner.readme 1k Readme for twGED_scanner - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/twGED_scanner.readme vim60src.lha 1394k VIM 6.0 powerful text editor (sources)
    vim60src.readme 1k Readme for vim60src - http://aminet.net
    /text/edit/vim60src.readme ue312amiga.readme 1k Readme for ue312amiga - http://aminet.n
    et/text/edit/ue312amiga.readme vocabo.lha 296k Lessical checker for text editor (gener
    vocaboe.lha 93k English data set for Vocabo (generic) unrtf_68k.readme 1k Readme for unrtf_68k - http://aminet.ne
    yadme11.lha 170k Improved DME version, user-friendly, ne
    w cmds (m68k-amigaos)
    vocabo.readme 1k Readme for vocabo - http://aminet.net/t
    vim-bin.readme 1k Readme for vim-bin - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/vim-bin.readme vim.i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for vim.i386-aros - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/vim.i386-aros.readme yadme11.readme 1k Readme for yadme11 - http://aminet.net/
    vim30src.lha 380k Vi IMproved 3.0, Source Code (generic) z.readme 1k Readme for z - http://aminet.net/text/e
    Vim_8.0-i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.0-i386-aros - http://a

    neatvi.readme 2k Readme for neatvi - http://aminet.net/t
    led.i386-aros.lha 9k A simple line-oriented text editor. (ge
    led.i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for led.i386-aros - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/led.i386-aros.readme ASE2019_1.60.readme 3k Readme for ASE2019_1.60 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.60.readme led-20180101.readme 1k Readme for led-20180101 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/led-20180101.readme ASE2019_1.70.readme 3k Readme for ASE2019_1.70 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.70.readme TextPaint098.readme 1k Readme for TextPaint098 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/TextPaint098.readme GED5MorphED_Pas.readme 2k Readme for GED5MorphED_Pas - http://ami

    TextEngine5.3.lha 144k Word processor with spelling checker (m
    68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4) ASE2019_1.80.readme 2k Readme for ASE2019_1.80 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.80.readme TextEngine5.3.readme 1k Readme for TextEngine5.3 - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/TextEngine5.3.readme Textra111.readme 1k Readme for Textra111 - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/Textra111.readme Vim_8.1-i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.1-i386-aros - http://a

    ASE2019_1.90.readme 2k Readme for ASE2019_1.90 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.90.readme Vim_8.1-src.lha 14957k The ubiquitous text editor (source) (ge
    TECO-64.readme 4k Readme for TECO-64 - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/TECO-64.readme Vim_8.1-src.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.1-src - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Vim_8.1-src.readme Vim_8.1-mos.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.1-mos - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/Vim_8.1-mos.readme TextPaint.readme 1k Readme for TextPaint - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/TextPaint.readme Vim_8.1-ppc-morphos.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.1-ppc-morphos - http:/

    lemacs.i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for lemacs.i386-aros - http://am

    Vim_8.1-ppc-amigaos.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.1-ppc-amigaos - http:/

    ASE2019_1.95.readme 3k Readme for ASE2019_1.95 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.95.readme led-20190818.readme 1k Readme for led-20190818 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/led-20190818.readme nextvi.readme 37k Readme for nextvi - http://aminet.net/t
    led-20190818.tgz 12k A simple line-oriented text editor (gen
    ASE2019_1.50.readme 4k Readme for ASE2019_1.50 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.50.readme Vim_8.2-i386-aros.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.2-i386-aros - http://a

    ASE2019_1.51.readme 2k Readme for ASE2019_1.51 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.51.readme Vim_8.2-ppc-amigaos.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.2-ppc-amigaos - http:/

    ASE2019_1.52.readme 2k Readme for ASE2019_1.52 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.52.readme Vim_8.2-ppc-morphos.readme 1k Readme for Vim_8.2-ppc-morphos - http:/

    led-20200101.readme 1k Readme for led-20200101 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/led-20200101.readme nextvi.lha 155k
    ne.readme 1k Readme for ne - http://aminet.net/text/
    led-20200202.readme 1k Readme for led-20200202 - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/led-20200202.readme ne.lha 1392k The nice editor is coming home (ppc-mor
    led-20200202.tgz 13k A simple line-oriented text editor. (ge
    neatvi.lha 102k Neat vi clone (ppc-morphos) annotate_pascal_syntax.lha 397k Annotate Pascal Syntax (generic) annotate_pascal_syntax.read* 2k Readme for annotate_pascal_syntax - htt

    ASE2019_1.1.readme 1k Readme for ASE2019_1.1 - http://aminet.
    net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.1.readme ASE2019_1.1RC.readme 1k Readme for ASE2019_1.1RC - http://amine
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    net/text/edit/ASE2019_1.2.readme Textra120.readme 1k Readme for Textra120 - http://aminet.ne
    t/text/edit/Textra120.readme ami-markdown.readme 4k Readme for ami-markdown - http://aminet
    .net/text/edit/ami-markdown.readme earmark.readme 8k Readme for earmark - http://aminet.net/
    text/edit/earmark.readme dme.i386-aros.readme 2k Readme for dme.i386-aros - http://amine
    t.net/text/edit/dme.i386-aros.readme ASE2019_1.25.readme 3k Readme for ASE2019_1.25 - http://aminet
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