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    Mars and Moon Conjunction of October 28, 2020

    December 31, 2020


    Photographer: Marco Meniero
    Summary Authors: Marco Meniero; Jim Foster

    Featured above is the conjunction of the Moon and Mars as observed
    on October 28, 2020, from Civitavecchia, Italy. Mars is above and
    to the left of the waxing, gibbous Moon. When photographing the
    night sky, I’ve often been inspired by Flemish painters, as well as
    by Caravaggio, for their light and shadowing detail. However, the
    photo above was inspired by John Constable's moonlight and
    landscape paintings, renowned for both their harmony and their
    idealized beauty. Note also the alluring lunar corona.

    Photo Details: Canon Eos1DxMk2 camera; Sigma 105 lens; 1.4; HDR of 5
    * Civitavecchia, Italy Coordinates: 42.0924, 11.7954

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