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    Archive - Lago Grey Icebergs

    December 12, 2020


    Every weekend we present a notable item from our archives. This EPOD
    was originally published December 11, 2003.

    Provided and copyright by: Drew Patrick
    Summary author: Drew Patrick

    The photo above was taken from an island in Lago (Lake) Grey, Torres
    del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile. In the background, the Grey
    Glacier can be seen spilling into the lake. The relatively warm
    temperatures on this day resulted in several of these icebergs calving
    right in front of us - making an unmistakable sound. In general, the
    glaciers in southern Chile have been receding during the last two
    decades. The blue to green colors seen in many icebergs results from
    the myriad ice crystals more effectively absorbing the longer
    wavelengths of light (reds and yellows) than the shorter (blue and
    green) wavelengths.

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