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    Friction Beats Gravity, For Now

    December 01, 2020

    3 b Rocks


    Photographer: Stan Wagon
    Summary Authors: Stan Wagon

    South-central Utah is known for its striking sandstone hoodoos,
    with the most famous ones consisting of Entrada Sandstone capped by
    Dakota Sandstone. The angular towers seen here are unusual in that
    they consist entirely of Navajo Sandstone. These three, including
    the one that's very delicately balanced (far right and below) were
    formed when differential erosion occurred at irregular rates due to
    variability of content and hardness in the various strata; the more
    resistant rock remains when softer material is removed. Photos taken
    October 21, 2020.

    Photo Details: Camera: Sony A6500 digital SLR; E 16-70 lens. Top -
    1/400 sec, ƒ/10 aperture, ISO 160 focal length 20 mm (29 mm at
    traditional full-frame 35 mm camera). Bottom - 1/640 sec., ƒ/10
    aperture, ISO 250 19mm (28 mm at full frame 35 mm camera).

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