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    Seeing the Sky in Correct Proportions

    November 23, 2020

    Acool_image001 (6)
    Image003 (2)
    Photographer: Andrew Cool
    Summary Author: Andrew Cool

    As shown above at top, stars aren’t always crystal clear on all-sky
    or fisheye imagery. While software can be written to convert
    fisheye images to equirectilinear format ( altitude-azimuth
    system of coordinates), this results in unwanted distortion. To
    counteract this distortion, I’ve written new software to create a model
    3D Hemisphere, over which I drape the equirectilinear image so that
    a 180-degree sky map is mapped onto a hemisphere image. This
    essentially reverses the distortion and produces a 3D sky with crisp,
    pinprick stars (bottom image). With new software development, such as
    described here, it's now possible to see the sky as represented on
    fisheye photos in correct proportions. For me, all-sky dewarping
    efforts derive from my interest in measuring light pollution for
    the River Murray International Dark Sky Reserve in South Australia.
    * River Murray Dark Sky Reserve, Australia Coordinates:
    -34.66829, 139.27342

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