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    Bay Bolete Mushroom

    February 13, 2023



    Photographer: Thierry Lombry

    Summary Author: Thierry Lombry

    I was very surprised to find this ghastly looking mushroom, commonly
    called bay bolete ( Imleria badia species, formely Xerocomus
    badius), in the woods of Eischen, Luxembourg – a forest rich in various
    plant and fungal species. Measuring ~7 cm (3 inches) in height, it
    consists of two specimens that have grown together and adapted to each
    other. They eventually merged their caps to form this kind of seat.
    It reminded me of Papa Smurf's throne! In spite of its horrid
    appearance, this mushroom is edible. Photo taken on October 16, 2022

    Eischen, Luxembourg Coordinates: 49.6844, 5.8784

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