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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.mods.med http://mirror.amigaxess.de/mods/med Description: MED modules ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MasterBlaster.lha 28k MasterBlaster by Stefano Maria Regattin
    MasterBlaster.readme 1k Readme for MasterBlaster - http://amine

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.pix.gicon http://mirror.amigaxess.de/pix/gicon Description: GlowIcons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JaZip.lha 7k OS 3.5 disk icons for iomega jaz and zi
    p (generic)
    JaZip.readme 1k Readme for JaZip - http://aminet.net/pi
    MacGlow.lha 181k 114 Macintosh Icons converted to GlowIc
    ons (generic)
    MacGlow.readme 1k Readme for MacGlow - http://aminet.net/
    MacGlow2.lha 361k 278 Macintosh Icons converted to GlowIc
    ons (generic)
    MacGlow2.readme 1k Readme for MacGlow2 - http://aminet.net
    g-devicn.lha 26k Small collection of device icons (gener
    g-devicn.readme 1k Readme for g-devicn - http://aminet.net
    /pix/gicon/g-devicn.readme nogravity_iconpack.lha 40k Icon Pack for NoGravity OS4 (generic) nogravity_iconpack.readme 1k Readme for nogravity_iconpack - http://


    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.pix.icon http://mirror.amigaxess.de/pix/icon Description: Workbench icons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OS20_Icns2.lha 5k 20 Icons for OS 2.x (generic) OS20_Icns2.readme 1k Readme for OS20_Icns2 - http://aminet.n
    et/pix/icon/OS20_Icns2.readme OS20_Icons.lha 20k 60 Icons for OS 2.x (generic) OS20_Icons.readme 1k Readme for OS20_Icons - http://aminet.n
    YIC01.lha 441k Icon collection for Twilight. (generic)

    YIC01.readme 1k Readme for YIC01 - http://aminet.net/pi
    os2icons.lha 4k Amiga Icons in OS2/Windows Style (gener
    os2icons.readme 1k Readme for os2icons - http://aminet.net

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.pix.nicon http://mirror.amigaxess.de/pix/nicon Description: NewIcons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KipsZip2.lha 3k 3 more icons for NewIcons and your Zip
    drive! (generic)
    KipsZip2.readme 1k Readme for KipsZip2 - http://aminet.net
    /pix/nicon/KipsZip2.readme SouthParkNI.lha 228k SouthPark NewIcons (generic) SouthParkNI.readme 2k Readme for SouthParkNI - http://aminet.
    net/pix/nicon/SouthParkNI.readme MiIcons1.5.readme 1k Readme for MiIcons1.5 - http://aminet.n
    et/pix/nicon/MiIcons1.5.readme NI-SailorMoon.lha 7k Anime/Manga NewIcons: Sailor Moon (gene
    NI-SailorMoon.readme 1k Readme for NI-SailorMoon - http://amine
    t.net/pix/nicon/NI-SailorMoon.readme NIinBeStyle.lha 266k BeIcons for NewIconsV3+ (generic) NIinBeStyle.readme 1k Readme for NIinBeStyle - http://aminet.
    net/pix/nicon/NIinBeStyle.readme NLeapIcons01.lha 457k The POS icons (in newicon version) (gen
    ProLite_Misc.readme 1k Readme for ProLite_Misc - http://aminet
    .net/pix/nicon/ProLite_Misc.readme NLeapIcons01.readme 1k Readme for NLeapIcons01 - http://aminet
    .net/pix/nicon/NLeapIcons01.readme ProLite_Mlc.lha 130k A very cool NewIcons set for ProWBLite.
    PPIcon1.lha 323k Collection icon in NewIcons style (gene
    ProLite_Mlc.readme 2k Readme for ProLite_Mlc - http://aminet.
    net/pix/nicon/ProLite_Mlc.readme KipsZip.lha 1k A NI style icon for your Zip drive! (ge
    PPIcon1.readme 1k Readme for PPIcon1 - http://aminet.net/
    KipsZip.readme 1k Readme for KipsZip - http://aminet.net/
    pix/nicon/KipsZip.readme ProLite_Misc.lha 487k ProLite style NewIcons for many apps. (
    MiIcons1.5.lha 381k A kewl set of Icons. Compleate set. (ge
    RadikalIcons.lha 28k 20 Left-Radical Icons (generic) ProWB.lha 385k New NI-system Icons for 1280x512 WBs (g
    ProLite_Net.lha 74k ProLite style NewIcons for most NetApps
    . (generic)
    ProLite_Net.readme 1k Readme for ProLite_Net - http://aminet.
    net/pix/nicon/ProLite_Net.readme ProWB.readme 1k Readme for ProWB - http://aminet.net/pi
    RadikalIcons.readme 1k Readme for RadikalIcons - http://aminet
    .net/pix/nicon/RadikalIcons.readme Suicide_Newico.lha 13k Some VERRY nice icons for our cool Amy'
    s... (generic)
    Suicide_Newico.readme 1k Readme for Suicide_Newico - http://amin
    et.net/pix/nicon/Suicide_Newico.readme Template.lha 46k Toolmanager Newicon Template And More.
    Template.readme 5k Readme for Template - http://aminet.net
    /pix/nicon/Template.readme ToonNewIcons.lha 5k Bloom County, Calvin&Hobbes, Garfield (
    ToonNewIcons.readme 1k Readme for ToonNewIcons - http://aminet
    .net/pix/nicon/ToonNewIcons.readme V_NI.lha 3k Newicons for Voyager browser (generic) V_NI.readme 1k Readme for V_NI - http://aminet.net/pix
    XenoMorph_pk01.lha 272k XenoMorph's Icons PACK I MMX (generic) XenoMorph_pk01.readme 1k Readme for XenoMorph_pk01 - http://amin
    et.net/pix/nicon/XenoMorph_pk01.readme threenewicons.lha 9k Three silly newicons and a backdrop of
    a peeved octopus. (generic) threenewicons.readme 1k Readme for threenewicons - http://amine
    t.net/pix/nicon/threenewicons.readme tk_AOS4icons.lha 9k 6 disk(new)icons (AOS4 design) (generic
    tk_AOS4icons.readme 1k Readme for tk_AOS4icons - http://aminet
    .net/pix/nicon/tk_AOS4icons.readme tk_rdicon.lha 2k A cute ramdisk icon (NEWICON) (generic)

    tk_rdicon.readme 1k Readme for tk_rdicon - http://aminet.ne
    t/pix/nicon/tk_rdicon.readme tk_sc2k_icons.lha 3k Newicons for SimCity2000 (standard styl
    e) (generic)
    tk_sc2k_icons.readme 1k Readme for tk_sc2k_icons - http://amine
    t.net/pix/nicon/tk_sc2k_icons.readme tk_xicons97.lha 9k 4 disk(new)icons with x-files theme (ge
    tk_xicons97.readme 1k Readme for tk_xicons97 - http://aminet.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.pix.picon http://mirror.amigaxess.de/pix/picon Description: PNG icons ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ N.Castellan.lha 1457k A conversion of MacOSX icons for Morpho
    s (generic)
    N.Castellan.readme 1k Readme for N.Castellan - http://aminet.
    net/pix/picon/N.Castellan.readme Power-icons.lha 48k Icons for Powericons (generic) Power-icons.readme 1k Readme for Power-icons - http://aminet.
    net/pix/picon/Power-icons.readme navi_buttons.readme 1k Readme for navi_buttons - http://aminet
    .net/pix/picon/navi_buttons.readme navi_buttons.tar.gz 6k No Readme available
    sphere.readme 1k Readme for sphere - http://aminet.net/p
    sphere.zip 776k round/transparent icon set (generic)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.util.virus http://mirror.amigaxess.de/util/virus Description: Virus checkers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MAA4SIC.readme 6k Readme for MAA4SIC - http://aminet.net/
    MAA4SIC.lha 1k MOS/AROS/AOS4 System Info Collector (m6

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filearea: aminet.util.wb http://mirror.amigaxess.de/util/wb Description: Workbench utilities ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SteveIconUtAA2.lha 216k Up To 256 color icons on WB (Fixed ver.
    ) (m68k-amigaos)
    SteveIconUtAA2.readme 1k Readme for SteveIconUtAA2 - http://amin
    et.net/util/wb/SteveIconUtAA2.readme magicon.lha 22k Yet another 2.x DefIcon/DefDrawer progr
    am (m68k-amigaos)
    magicon.readme 1k Readme for magicon - http://aminet.net/


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