• FSX_ESP re-started

    From Avon@21:1/100 to All on Fri Oct 16 13:13:18 2020
    Hi all



    Added Node 3/124 Coffee House BBS (USA) please welcome Jeffrey Bodenstein
    who is based in Lisle to fsxNet :) His BBS is running
    Synchronet and can be reached at bbs.coffeehousebbs.me 2323
    or use 2222 for SSH

    Added Node 2/122 Battlestar III BBS (USA) Mark has spun up a new system
    at battlestar3.dyndns.org:2400

    Re-created a new echomail area:

    FSX_ESP - Espa¤ol General Chat. This echoarea offers a place for Spanish
    language conversations. Like FSX_GEN it is a general discussion
    echoarea covering many topics. Test messages and other
    experimentation is welcome.

    Este echoarea ofrece un lugar para conversaciones en espa¤ol.
    Al igual que FSX_GEN, es una discusi˘n general que abarca muchos
    temas. Mensajes de prueba y otros experimentos son bienvenidos.


    Best, Paul

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