• FSX_DAT - InterBBS Data

    From Avon@21:1/100 to All on Thu Feb 1 20:59:30 2018
    This echoarea was created on 1 February 2018.

    It serves as a data echoarea and is not intended to be used by humans. Please confine human chatter to one of the other available echoareas - thanks :)




    Created FSX_DAT InterBBS Data. An echomail area used by software such as
    InterBBS Oneliner or Double-Up (both by Darryl Perry) to
    send inter-BBS data between nodes in fsxNet. In most cases
    the data is not readable or of interest to human eyes.
    Sysops may wish to hide this echo from BBS users.
    Human generated posts should *not* be made in this echoarea.


    Best, Paul.

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