• System status for house re-wiring

    From Vince Coen@2:250/1 to All on Sun Mar 31 14:44:38 2019
    * Carbon copied to Janis Kracht, Ward Dossche

    Hello All!

    I now have a firm date for the house being rewired and that is 15th April.

    It is initially scheduled to take 28 man days with two on site with a decorator working
    inside this period and after.

    A project meeting is taking place on the 5th so hopefully I can get some idea of scheduling
    room wise but as the first floor floorboards and carpet will be up in part etc we are going
    to have one hell of a mess.

    So we have starting packing up room contents which at the moment is my wife's study and I
    will have to do the same for my study / office, subject to obtaining boxes etc and working
    out where to move them.

    Manuals, books technical and others etc to be boxed up along with computer spares. The
    unused Mac Pro system photographed and boxed up for which I must remember to put on Ebay
    for sale as it is wasted space on the spare desk.

    Then packing up elements of the desks as much as possible - nuts writing this msg is giving
    me ulcers thinking about it.

    In a nutshell my system will be off more than on for around 2 - 3 weeks if only to proect
    it all against dust as new channels are being made into walls etc.

    I will try and work out a way to have the system running each evening where ever possible

    1. Connect all files and mail on hold from up links
    2. Poll all downlinks with every thing on hold from (1).

    So it would be helpful if every one keeps their systems up and running 24/7 so that I can
    drop off each time (daily ??). If I cannot connect anything on hold will just sit and wait
    for the next time I collect and send - might be the next day but might be some days later.

    All this does depend if I will have power and internet access each evening in a dust
    free-ish environment. If it is not, then I will not fire the systems up.

    Worse case it could mean a 3 week period of off air.

    Needless to say this will be the first time my systems will be off air for more than a few
    days since I started in Fido which was around 1992 privately and via the company systems in

    Now if I am not up and running all files, echos and net mails will be held by the uplinks
    and when conditions are OK for it I will pick up as specified above.

    I did suggest to my wife of going on holiday for a few weeks but she is not having any of
    it - well not at the moment :(


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  • From Martin Foster@2:250/1.1 to Vince Coen on Mon Apr 1 09:56:00 2019
    Hello Vince!

    On 31.03.19 at 14:44, Vince Coen wrote to All:

    Worse case it could mean a 3 week period of off air.

    Many thanks for the heads-up and the very best of luck with all this.
    I know only too well what it's like living on a "building site", I've
    been living on one since last August!


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  • From Vince Coen@2:250/1 to All on Thu Apr 4 14:12:08 2019

    Hello All!

    Minor update - If the dust is only half bad :( I may well try and use my parellel system that consists of a Raspberry Pi3B+ and a USB HDD.

    At the moment I do not know how well this will work BUT at the best it could mean that all downlinked nodes 'could' receive duplicate files and/or echos when switching between systems.

    If this does occur leave them for a few days or polling cycles (even if it is me doing the polling) before deleting them. JIC.

    The real issues will be having:
    1. Power.
    2. Access to powered Router.
    3. Enough cable length to connect to router that can be laid down each night
    and picked up again before I go to bed.
    4. Power extension cable to get power to 1st floor from where ever power is
    available providing total length < 20m.
    Again, disconnected and picked up as with (3).

    Some (more) assumptions as well

    I do not expect works (electrics, decorator) to occur at the W/E so might be able to have 36 hours of runing system/s but that also 'assumes' a bit.


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