• System Status at some point

    From Vince Coen@2:250/1 to All on Sun Mar 10 14:30:44 2019
    * Carbon copied to Janis Kracht, Ward Dossche

    Hello All!

    HAving had an electrician in to quote for adding new power points around the house it
    appears that many of the existing sockets are on spur connections with cable going back to
    when the house was first built (1969).

    So we are going to get it re-wired which means new cable channels up walls and the first
    floor floorboards up.

    The quote suggests it is a few day job but I am allowing for Murphys law to come in to play
    and will run for 5 - 7 days before floor boards, loft boards etc are back down.

    During this work the house will be without power during the working day with limited power
    in various areas and I am suspecting my study that is on the first floor again with floor
    board up etc.

    Even with a UPS I cannot see how I can keep the system up and running and even if I switch
    services over to a Raspberry Pi 3B+ running the system under the UPS I can keep it all up
    for 7 - 9 hours per day and yes I am aware that the Pi only draws 2 - 3A max but a 1000Kva
    ups is very limited in power time up so I will be shutting down during this work.

    If nothing else the place will be a mess and I will have to dismantle my desk and remove
    the computers to the bed room for some of the time.

    Therefore they system could well be down for up to a week.

    During this time all uplinks are requested to hold on to all mail, echos and files for me.

    @Ward: I will NOT be able to supply FIDO nodelist segments during this time so request that
    you adjust your system if they must have an update but using the existing and current

    I will issue another mailing when I have an exact date for this work to start.

    Needless to say after the electricians finsh we have to get a decorator in to repair, make
    good, replace wall paper and paint up that no doubt have its own issues but hopefully when
    the computer room / study gets worked on I can move the kit to another area even if I have
    to use long lan cables.


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