• System maintainence

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Mon May 25 21:29:26 2020
    Hello All!

    I have had to do some updates late afternoon early evening to day.

    All went well but I do have a pile of more.

    I will be testing many of these on another system and if nothing goes un towards will need to do them on the main production system.
    This means the system will not be available for a while and no I do not know how long as many involve building them (compiling) and even with 8 cores it takes time and although some of these compiles will get down when the system
    is operation the others will require the total load factor capability.

    So the system will not be avail for a while.

    Will try and make this out over a few days to minimise down time.


    --- Mageia Linux v7.1 X64/Mbse v1.0.7.13/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: Air Applewood, The Linux Gateway to the UK & Eire (2:250/1)