• System status update

    From Vince Coen@2:250/1 to All on Sat Apr 20 17:18:11 2019
    * Carbon copied to Janis Kracht, Ward Dossche

    Hello All!

    Curerntly running on power via two long extension leads but next week starting 23 April I will have electricians taking up floor boards in computer rooms, new
    lighting cable via ceiling and loft/attic in both floors so a lot of mess and all lighting power will be off until end of week.

    If that is not enough, plasterer starts Tuesday (Monday is a bank holiday) working on bedroom walls where plaster missing and ceiling (removing artex ceilings) followed by study, office and computer rooms as well as the lounge after electrician installs 6 more points and relacing wiring for existing and installing new sockets etc (same as study, office and computer rooms).

    I at some point will be installing Lan Cat 6 cabling betweeb study, office and computer areas etc while the floor boards are up.

    This is going to mean that rooms have to be as empty as possible so a heavy case of musical chairs with the firnature, beds desks etcso every thing needs to be packed and where not heavily bagged up. So all computer kit will be shutdown Sunday as the electicians will be in Monday rewiring all points, lights etc with all power off.

    Therefore polling for files echos etc will be suspended until earliest late weekend starting 29th.

    I managed to get this week fully up computer wise but next will be impossible to the point that I am staying at a hotel from Monday evening onwards and just coming home during the day even if its to help move firnature, beds around
    from room to room - well try too any way.


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  • From Vince Coen@2:250/1 to All on Sat Jan 11 14:58:09 2020
    Hello All!

    Just to advise that I have restored all echo area echos as from 25th December but had to overwrite any msgs that came in after up to around 13:00.

    This will not effect any one polling for echos only if you do a new connection to a echo area and request previous msgs which will cause a gap from 25th to 11th Jan.

    Just could not find a tool that would import from an existing Jam database , i.e., the back up.

    Such is life :)


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  • From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Mon Oct 11 18:45:20 2021
    * Carbon copied to Janis Kracht, Ward Dossche

    Hello All!

    As of (right now!) I have fired up the Virgin Media modem (Hub 3) passing the internet service through to the Asus AC68U (and yes I was going to buy a RT-AC86U for this as its a cable mode/router but thought to save the money if this works).

    So far it seem to be operational (having disconnected the DSL cable from the Asus router) and tried various website pages including direct to my bbs system BUT there is an issue with going so through url applewood.linkpc.net.

    I am looking at it . . .

    Note that this may well stop you from polling.


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