• Short history of FileGate and now

    From Vincent Coen@2:250/1 to All on Thu Jan 6 16:13:21 2022
    Hello All!

    Taken from a msg I sent in FN_SYSOP with some additional text:

    OK, the (New) Star system has been formed for one primary and a few secondary reasons :

    With the closure of Janis Kracht the admin for FileGate which is the system for
    receiving software as archived files and information of one type or another from the various contributors, Authors and programmers to place into the fido (and other) network/s.

    As she shut down very quickly from the announcement of closure due to personal reasons that many of us can relate too and myself taking it on AND my age (75 in June) I thought it wise to have a group (called file Stars*) that would act if something long term happened to me or my system so that any one or all could
    take over with the minimum of effort - mostly contacting all file contributors with the new change of address to use to upload to.

    With that in mind and for resilience all are linked together to pass on all such files and this allows a contributor to upload to any one of the systems.

    Added to this as we are there and do it already to one extent or another is do similar with common echo areas. Region specific is not included for obvious reasons.

    Here the only issue is Dup messages and possibly bad echos both of which can
    be handled in standard software for the most part.

    These processes are no different than any network Hub and Spoke system which
    is basically the way we have run for what 30+ years one way or another.

    Now the very potted history of Filegate, this was formed in the 90's with the help of US Robotics (the modem manufacturer) who supplied their products to some of the hubs including Janis and myself to carry files between the USA and other major File Hubs around the world using copper wire connection followed
    by (at least for me of moving over to ISDN - a new modem) to continue the service at a higher speed - remember we are paying for the phone calls.

    With the introduction of Fibre Broadband these were phased out once these connection was tested to only use fast broadband where the word 'Fast' had different meanings according to where you lived and could afford.

    The service has continued in this way every since but with the closure (at short notice) of the primary system run by Janis Kracht in the USA the method of operation had to change a bit.

    Now I have taken over as the central point of contact for all the file contributors which over the next few weeks will settle down as business as usual but where possible all primary hub system are made a Star system based on the Hub and Spoke methodology - well close to it as the files still come in to generally one point but the contributors can access any of us that is convenient if needed.

    It just means that these system have to be able to send and receive these files
    which could create a duplication of archives arriving but hopefully own installed software for tossing archives will ignore arriving duplicates through
    the Seenby faciltiy but it is not a given as it does depend of the file
    tossing software and the information within the .TIC files that are sent along with each archive.

    This, we will progress over the next few months and sort out any issues so it becomes an automated process. All downlinks that are not Star hubs should never see this so file distribution will continue as in the past.

    These Hubs also distribute the echo areas and again send messages to and from us all all helping to maintain resilience in the distribution so that if any one of should have kit failure or have to close down or based on out age's die etc the service can continue abet with the downlink of the affected system needing a new source.

    The other benefit of this is to spread the load in traffic so that no one system gets over loaded.

    This is one of the reason why I now send files and echo held direct and crash when ever flow has arrived and the only reason why this might slow down a bit is if it gets too busy with incoming calls.

    Her you can help by not calling too frequently and even more so if you have no bbs user so that echos are for your own usage (reading etc) don't call when you
    are out at work or asleep and even then not more often than once per hour and adjust your poll times off the hour period say using your node number as the minutes past the hour and even adding 30 to the number etc.

    There is NO reason to poll less than once per hour and in many case longer say every 3 - 12 hours if you are not going to be able to read them.

    Hopefully with the bulk of you my system calling you during the quieter periods
    (usually from 20 minutes past to 35 minutes to an hour but that varies). will sort any on these possible problems out.

    I helps that your system is operational 24/7 because if the system reports that
    it cannot get through after 30 attempts I will have to remove the crash facility until you sort it out and there is only 3 / 4 of you in the
    situation. A netmail / email to me confirming you are again operational will reinstate this facility.

    puff, puff.


    --- Mageia Linux v8 X64/Mbse v1.0.7.22/GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5-b20180707
    * Origin: Air Applewood, The Linux Gateway to the UK & Eire (2:250/1)