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    From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to Ardith Hinton on Fri Dec 25 12:28:00 2020

    I'm spending a quiet day at home. With recent weather changes, I've
    got sinus issues. I originally was going to make a big feast, but I
    think I'll just do some soup, take some medicine, and go back to bed
    for awhile. I'm the only one here today, anyway. Both parents are
    dead and gone, and my brother is by himself. He hates Christmas, as
    everything is shut down. He normally goes out to a restaurant every
    day to eat food, drink beer, and talk with his friends. On Christmas,
    except for Walgreens and some ethnic cuisine restaurants, everything
    else is closed.

    He apparently has no sense of humor. He turned 59 on Dec. 23, but
    I didn't bother to call him. A week before, I gave him what I thought
    was a funny birthday card, and he said "that was uncalled for". I told
    him "I was trying to make you smile", and wanted to tell him to "Get
    A Life!!".

    The card showed the backsides of a woman and a man, from the middle
    back to the middle thigh...with the butt cheeks and cracks in all
    their glory (I know we're the same from the back side). On the inside,
    it said "Thought you could expect some cracks about your age!!", and I
    added "Every booty wanted you to have a Happy Birthday -- Bun Appetit!!".
    None of us is getting any younger, and I don't mind stuff like that.

    I got klutzy in the bedroom a few nights ago...ending up falling,
    and skinning my elbow...but otherwise was unhurt. Folks say a large
    amount of accidents occur outside the home...that can be the same
    at home!!

    I'm still dealing with that epididymytis...and from what the urologist
    said, this may last awhile. I don't think surgery is an option, but it's annoying to say the least. At least there's no testicular cancer, or
    kidney stones.

    The blower on the central heat unit is failing (it's 13 years old),
    and it'll cost $900 to repair. But, I have the funds for it, and it'd
    be better than hypothermia (it gets chilly in here during the winter,
    if the heat is off). They'll do a full service on the system come spring.

    Hope you and yours are having a good Christmas.


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