From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to ALL on Fri Jan 11 15:32:00 2019
    Well, after being rushed to the Emergency Room on January 3 with
    severe abdominal pain...and neither eating food or having a bowel
    movement would stop it, my worst fears were realized.

    The pain was caused by a kidney stone that had moved down into the
    urinary bladder...and it was confirmed by ultrasound yesterday. When I
    visited my Mom in the nursing home on Wednesday, to let her know what
    was going on, the black nurse standing there (she's a character unto
    herself <G>), grinned wildly, and said to my Mom, "HE'S PREGNANT!!" <G>

    While there are no new stones in the kidneys, there is apparently a 9 millimeter stone in the bladder. While the urethra is bigger than the
    ureters, I won't pass this one without surgery...and without a lot of bleeding...never mind "a period from the penis" (I had that once before,
    and panicked).

    So, I am waiting on the surgery scheduler to call me, and I've worked
    out a ride for it, since I won't be able to drive. It likely will be
    done at the Centerview Surgery Center, adjacent to Arkansas Urology's
    Little Rock office, next to the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Center. What I
    dread most is the catheter, and bladder spasms afterwards.

    At least I'm about 50 pounds lighter than I was in August...but I'm
    still classed as "obese" with my body mass index at 36.

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