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    wsListPilot has been released. wsListPilot is a winserver wcBASIC program
    to help automate your mailing list. Do you have a list that would allow you
    to send pre-made messages? Like a Jokes list, or tips list? Then
    wsListPilot can help.

    wsListPilot is made up of 2 applications. The administrator control panel,
    and the main event program.

    You use the control panel to configure your list profiles and your
    messages, and the main program sends the message to the list on the
    specified day.

    I will be creating a video on how to use the program in the next day or so.

    I am offering to the first 6 people that purchase wsListPilot a outstanding price of $35. Once 6 people purchase it, the price will go to $50.

    You can find more information at http://shop.wssoftware.net/2009/08/new-program-announcement/

    This, as always, includes free upgrades for life.



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