• wsHost 2.0.0 Update

    From THOMAS KLOOS@1:124/5013 to All on Thu Jan 31 19:18:38 2019
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    Subject: wsHost 2.0.0 Update
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    I have posted version 2.0.0 of wsHost on winserver.com and on
    wssoftware.net. This version includes some new features as well as a
    security fix. I recommend you download and install this version ASAP.

    New features:

    wsHost will now create the folders and files for you, provided you provide
    the correct information.

    wsHost Now lives in it's own folder. You will need to update your bookmarks
    or links. The correct URL is: www.yourdomain.com/code/wsSoftware/wsHost/html-wsHost

    I will update the wsSoftware Menu, sometime this week with the new URL.

    Still No Help File, but I placed upgrade and install instructions in the
    Readme file in the program folder.

    Please email me if you have any questions or problems.
    thomas AT wssoftware.net

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