• Fresh New Compiles of all wsSoftware programs

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    Subject: Fresh New Compiles of all wsSoftware programs
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    I just completed uploading all new fresh compiles of all my wsSoftware programs. These will all work with the new wsTrialWARE program I wrote to
    give you a demo period with a full REGISTERED feature set, and NO crippled features.

    SALE! I will be having a sale on Labor Day. I will post a coupon code on www.wssoftware.net, so check there for the Labor Day deal.

    If you downloaded wsOpt-In in the last week or so, and are wanting to run
    it for a test period. Please re-download it. There was an error causing the demo period to not start. This has been fixed but the version numbers are
    still the same. If you have a registered key, you do not need the new
    download, as it only effected the trial version.

    Thanks for all your support over the last 12 years!

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