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    Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 11:25:28 -0400
    Subject: Winserver Filearea Modification...
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    Hi Thomas,

    I would like to know if you had some time to do a bit of coding for
    me...And how much you would charge me to do it...What I am looking to have
    done is to modify the Winserver (version 6.1.458.) file area in that it
    will allow a longer length filename... I am aware the description would be
    'cut short', but I figured out a solution to that by using the "..." or (ellipsis) as the last three characters (the full-description could be
    shown using the [I] option on the file menu: More information would give
    the detailed description w/out any modification) so my point would be to
    have the filename shown in the ansi / telnet area of the bbs to be extended
    to 40 characters (note 40 characters may or may not be enough) I don't know what the longest filename is at the moment, but 40 (or half screen for the filename, if half is 40 or more characters, meaning no less than 40, but
    more is ok, but don't go more than half for the filename, so at least half
    of the space is for the description). Remember to leave the last 3
    characters in the description for the ellipsis (...)

    Thank you
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