• wsOpt-in 1.0.1 Released

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    Subject: wsOpt-in 1.0.1 Released
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    I have just released a new update to wsOpt-In.

    Version 1.0.1 has TONS of fixes and new features.

    Added Context Help for all the configuration pages. The online Help System
    is online now as well.

    This version will run in registered mode until 09/25/2006. This is to give
    you a "sneak peak" at the registered features.

    Added a Professional Version that utilizes EAV Callback. This is an EXE
    program that works with the html-signup.wcx to actually poll the users mail server to verify the email address. You have complete control with what you allow or disallow with the results of this program. WAY more flexible then other program like this.

    Pro Version also included a log reader and file editor in the Control Panel.

    wsOpt-In is a User Signup Management System that puts you in control of the signup process. No more wcQues. This is a fully configurable signup that
    you control what the user is shown on the form, what the user must complete
    on the form, and you can also set to validate the data the user enters on
    the form.

    You can change the names of the fields on the form, so the Company field
    could be "Type of Business", or you could store any information you wanted, such as "How many garage sales do you attent in a week?" This is all on the fly, with NO HTML coding whatsoever!

    You control the look of the signup with the use of custom header and footer templates... as well as a style sheet to control the fonts, sizes and
    colors in the form itself.

    I promise, this is one of those "Greatest thing since sliced bread" programs.

    This program will validate and verify your users. Without much intervention
    on your part. How long have you waited for that?

    Visit http://www.thomaskloos.com for more information.


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