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    From George Pope@1:153/757 to Matt Munson on Wed Dec 29 10:01:18 2021
    Call centers are a horror. I would rather spend my life in church than to work
    in one.

    I'll pass on both, please! eep!

    Ive done the call centre thing, both outgoing & incoming (hated cold calling & being "THAT Arsehole", but I still managed to break office records in sales)

    Now they have better(noise cancelling) headsets -- before I was effectively half-deaf from the background yimmer-yammer.

    When I did a cold call project for a realtor, & set my own parameters I used these rules for myself:

    -never call 16h00-19h00 (dinner time for most)
    -never call xx:50-xx:59 of any hour as that's when people want to catch the
    summation of the show they've been watching
    -never insist on prolonging the conversation if they've made it clear they are
    not interested.

    I had mostly positive experiences with my calls.

    Then almost got screwed cuz my boss didn't get paid for the contract by the realtor. Found out later, my boss paid the two of us out of his own pocket.

    I wasn't doing sales (illegal without Realtor license); I was just setting up appointments for the realtor with interested & "qualified" sellers.

    I apologize for my lengthy wandering responses. I'm just in the headset as I used to be in Fido, in the good old daze, providing lots of ammo for others to respond to, even if not the addressee. . . :)

    & we severely need more responders in this & every echo. . .

    Gotta get more people to realize this is 1,000X better than Facebook, & no corporate overlords controlling what you see & post. . .

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