• when the batteries are dead..

    From August Abolins@2:460/58 to Wilfred van Velzen on Mon Nov 16 18:21:29 2020

    Now I've fired up the laptop and can do a bit more the way
    I am used to. Since it's colder in the house, the laptop
    fan is not kicking in as often which means the battery will
    last a tad longer too! A bitter-sweet blessing.

    So when you stop posting on fidonet, in a couple of hours,
    that just means your batteries are dead... And we'll have
    to wait untill the power in your area is restored...

    That would be a good assumption.

    When the batteries in the T60/XP laptop are dead (2hrs left) then I can briefly switch to the T540p/Win7 latptop. I probably have about 3hrs on that one. Then I can go for about 8 hrs on the Blackberry and Telegram (thank you Stas!) on the mobile link. I have one charged spare for the BB (.: add another 10 hours). But I don't have to be "on" all the time. I'll probably spread it out - as I will mostly likely spend a lot of time sleeping or trying to stay warm under the covers. :/

    I plan to ditch into town (and have a nice warm car ride) for a few minutes) and check up on things at the shop. But then I may as well come home if there is no hydro servicing the downtown.

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