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    From T.J. Mcmillen@1:129/305 to All on Sun Oct 25 12:04:53 2020
    If you turned off ASK for Address and Ask for Country in the toggles menu, yet Renegade still asks after the user sends you a new user email try this.

    Goto the User Editor, hit / to edit the default user account. Put something in the City/State Field such as your BBS name. The field cannot be blank (as it is) and NOT ask for these optons.

    Once you put text into that field, you can turn OFF asking for City/State/Country and RG won't prompt for it before the user logs into the main menu for the 1st time.

    Just a heads up.

    ... How the hell does this thing work?

    --- Renegade v1.22/Alpha
    * Origin: The Titantic BBS Telnet - ttb.hopto.org (1:129/305)