• New Renegade bbs

    From Ruben Figueroa@1:129/305 to All on Wed Oct 21 18:19:32 2020
    Just a quick note. PB Renegade is now available for telnet connections. You

    can telnet to gapbbs.rdfig.net:2424.

    It is currently being developed and customized. FidoNet is the next objective

    to bring echo mail. But I have not started it yet.

    I do have online games and have setup the Renegade bbs to connect (rlogin)

    other game servers where games are already setup.

    Nuff said, but still a begining and a long way to go.

    ... Wise Man cross river *THEN* insult alligator.

    --- Renegade v1.22/Alpha
    * Origin: The Titantic BBS Telnet - ttb.hopto.org (1:129/305)