• Some good times ....

    From T.J. Mcmillen@1:129/305 to All on Tue Apr 6 22:45:46 2021
    One of my favorite old text files .....

    Cott Lang - 1992-93 ish ....

    Renegade myths that need debunking:

    There is no back door in Renegade. If you find someone claiming
    there is one, ask them to demonstrate it for you. They can't.

    A backdoor is not a bug, or a screwup by a sysop. A backdoor is
    a piece of code intentionally put in a software package to
    allow the author to get unauthorized access.

    If some idiot gives sysop access to someone, and that person
    hacks his BBS, that is not a backdoor.

    If you run a door game that changes or displays passwords allowing
    someone to hack your BBS, this is called a trojan, not a backdoor.

    If somebody breaks into your house, and steals your computer, that's
    not a backdoor, although they might've used one to get into your house.

    There has never been identified a hacked version of Renegade that was a trojan.

    The source code is not available. At least not for any amount of money
    you're likely to be willing to spend.

    The best source of Renegade stuff is The Official Home Page.

    I did not write LORD, so stop asking me why it gives you errors.

    ... Don't take criticism from just anybody.

    --- Renegade v1.25/DOS
    * Origin: The Titantic BBS Telnet - ttb.rgbbs.info (1:129/305)