• RAR echo Rules

    From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Mon Feb 25 11:39:14 2019
    RAR Archiver Support Conference International
    An International conference to provide support and technical assistance for
    users and prospective users of the RAR archiver.

    Topics may include:

    Questions and answers on how to use the various features of RAR, Bug
    reports, Suggestions or requests for new features, Information on where to
    obtain copies of RAR and related programs, Any news about RAR that the
    author wishes to share with users. Discussion of the following will be
    allowed, to a degree: Comparison of features and performance between RAR
    and other archivers, Bug reports on other archivers, Data compression
    theories and technologies.


    Any subject not listed above, Personal attacks on any person,
    Attacks on persons or companies who produce other archivers, Discussions of
    hardware and operating systems except as they pertain to RAR.

    Announcements for RAR and other programs that are designed to interface to
    RAR are to be made by RAR-FDN Coordinator or Distributor only.
    English is to used in the echo.

    Moderator: Janis Kracht (janis@filegate.net)

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