• Python Environment Variables

    From Doug Cooper@1:227/702 to All on Thu May 28 23:46:09 2020
    Hi all,

    I'm learning Python, and am running into errors that lead me to believe my environment variables are not set correctly within Windows 10.

    My setup is
    Python 32bit 2.7.18 for Mystic 32bit 1.12v45a
    Windows 10
    Using "System" variables, not "User," which all the docs state to do, however of course I read an article stating system variables should rarely be used within Windows but rather User variables more often. However, I have tried both ways without success.

    I'm either missing a few modules and or a missing variable. The Error is:

    line 29, in file "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\dateutil\tz_init_.py"
    line 2, in from .tz import*
    File "c:\python27\lib\site-packages\dateutil\tz\tz.py", line 16 in import weakref
    File "C:\Python27\lib\weakref.py," line 14, in from_weakref import (

    ImportError: cannot import name _remove_dead_weakref

    So from what I've read, it's either a enviroment variable not set, however c:\python27\lib is within the variables I set.

    a missing module, however I'm new to the script language and while I was able to list installed modules and match up most to the above, I honestly would
    not know which are and are not "modules" just by the code. Such as the time zone function that keeps coming up above, (TZ,) which I tried to research but was unsucessful. Dateutil and weakref are installed.

    Lastly, they say it could be an out of date and or too new of version of an installed module.

    So ... where would you begin to trouble shoot the aforementioned? What Environment variable would glare out as being obvious that I may be missing?
    Do you see any "modules" in the code that I may need to look for and or add? How would I know if the modules installed are the correct version?

    Any input would be awesome. This is for learning, so no huge rush, just looking for general guidance so I can get this script working and learn as I
    do so.


    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A45 2020/02/18 (Windows/32)
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