• SubProcess or threading???

    From Rick Christian@1:135/377 to All on Tue Jan 29 19:22:41 2019
    .start() sends that off to do its part of the task.. as
    more data comes in.. its not blocked/lock waiting for os.system() to complete or what ever..

    The more and more I look at stuff on threads it doesn't appear that its the solution as they can't be dynamically created, at least in Python, and no changing to C/C++ is not an option, (also note this is PYTHON 2.7 and changing to 3.x is not an option even its its the solution here.)

    So hints, pointers to something that outlines threading better, or hints, or ideas...

    Maybe subprocess is the answer v. threading? ? ??

    I've looked over some things for both and not seeing the forest for the trees here...

    Just don't want the receiving loop to be locked/blocked while other tasks are doen with the received data... these tasks such as storing to REMOTE SQL, emails, could have transient delays that block/locks of the rx loop will cause missed data...

    I'd love any input, hints, guideance etc..



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