From Janis Kracht@1:261/38 to All on Mon Jan 14 16:25:12 2019
    Hi Everyone,

    This is the Programmers Distribution Network Echo, tagname PDNECHO.

    Moderator: Janis Kracht

    The PDNECHO is a general chit-chat conference for Programmers, and general messages about the Programmers Distribution Network. Discussion may include any policy changes, and information/questions about files released in the PDN, etc.

    Requests for connections may be posted here as well, though your echomail feed should be able to supply you with FileGate files.

    Before you go to far off-topic, remember that there are still people who must pay to move these messages <smile>.


    You can send your snippet of source code, shareware or freeware binary, or programmer's utility for distribution in the PDN via ftp, e-mail, or netmail attach directly to my system, crash mail via via Binkp or telnet mailer at filegate.net. Just make sure you include a text file describing your work and
    which area you'd like me to send it through if it is not obvious. Once I get it, I can test it, and get it out to people, etc.

    web access:


    Phone Modem: 607-200-4076

    File requests: via phone modem at 1:261/38
    at filegate.net:24554 (standard port)

    List of PDN Files To Date:



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